WisEye Morning Minute: Governor Evers at the launch of Pride Month 2022 | local government

As reported by WisPolitics.com, Gov. Tony Evers (D-Wisconsin) made the comments during a flag-raising ceremony outside the Capitol in honor of Pride Month. The Progress Pride Flag, hoisted for the first time in state history, features a chevron pattern to represent LGBTQ people of color, the transgender community and those who live with or have been lost to the HIV/AIDS. Evers ordered the rainbow pride flag flown over the Capitol for the first time in state history in 2019. It has flown again in each of the past two years. Evers did not specifically reference any GOP lawmakers in his remarks, but suggested that Republicans prepare to ban the books in the next legislative session. A report from the Wisconsin Examiner this week showed Rep. Jesse James (R-Altoona) began compiling a list of books brought to his attention by concerned voters, including books on LGBTQ topics. James told WisPolitics.com that his intention was to gather information about books available in schools and review definitions of “inappropriate material” under state laws. James added that not all books should be available to all grades and raised concerns about young children’s access to books dealing with sexual subjects or including “explicit illustrations and descriptions”.