Wisconsin Needs Voting Agents; high school students invited to apply | Local government

“People can go to Myvote (myvote.wi.gov) and register online. They can apply for a postal ballot online, which includes uploading a photo of their driver’s license. A large part of the generation at retirement age can do it, ”she said. “But I know a lot who can’t, and that was a big deal during the pandemic. I think in the future, technology is going to play a huge role in the evolution of elections. “

Normally, Jordan would process fewer than a dozen postal ballot requests for each election, she said. But before last year’s election, she sent over 600.

Celia Straubhaar, the first student to participate in the program in Medina, sees the program as a good way to facilitate civic engagement of the young generation and to fight against disinformation about the elections.


“If they are involved, then they know how (elections) work,” she said, adding that knowledge can help them refute baseless claims that elections are properly conducted, with all the guarantees that against fraud, can be “stolen”.

The program requires parental or guardian authorization for students under the age of 18. Participants receive an eight-lesson training course developed by the Election Commission, which covers the role of election officials, the different responsibilities at a polling station, and voting laws, such as the ban on voting. election at the polls.