Web 20 Ranker LLC is hosting this year’s Local Marketing Mastermind 2022 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – (NewMediaWire) – July 7, 2022 – Web 20 Ranker LLC, one of the largest white label SEO service providers in the United States and beyond, has announced its 2022 edition of the annual Local Marketing Mastermind. The annual SEO and marketing event aims to bring valuable insights from some of the top SEO and digital marketing agency owners while providing plenty of networking opportunities with speakers. This year’s event is scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg, Florida from September 16-18, 2022.

According to Chaz Edwards, this year’s edition of the SEO conference promises to be impactful and eventful. He noted that the event has an exciting line-up of guest speakers who will tackle some of the most critical topics in the local marketing world. Chaz added that the event will help agency owners, SEOs and digital markers learn more about how to get better results for their clients, what’s working now and what agency owners can do. skyrocket their business. Participants will be able to rank higher, scale faster, and build a stronger agency system by learning from a team that started and scaled their agencies to reap 7-figure revenue per year.

The 2022 edition of Local Marketing Mastermind will cover local SEO and updated search strategies, forensic on-page SEO and organic search, how to beat big agencies, influence rankings with user engagement, how to scale an agency better, create an agency lead funnel and better sales strategies from a closing machine. Interested participants can reserve their places today at https://web20ranker.com/local-marketing-mastermind-and-seo-conference/ because tickets are selling out fast.

Describing the 3-day event where agency owners get the chance to work directly with experienced SEOs, Chaz said, “Too many agency owners take course after course and waste so much time and money trying to figure it all out.But often find themselves struggling to rank in tough niches and fields, getting turned down in sales calls, and attracting clients due to less than stellar results.They don’t find the time to implement what was mostly recycled strategies from gurus making more money from this course than an actual agency they run. They spin their wheels. That’s why we created the Local Marketing Mastermind! No course, no webinar BS , and no fake gurus. Just a small collection of SEOs and digital marketers responsible for generating hundreds of millions in revenue for their clients.”

This year’s live event will feature established SEOs and agency owners like Holly Starks explaining how to “Make Google News work for your local listings.” Holly Starks is well known for her expertise on Google News and her Black Hat SEO strategies. Named one of the top SEO influencers of 2017, she will stop driving with hundreds of cellphones to attend the 2022 edition of Local SEO Mastermind.

Micheal Merlino will also speak at the event, which will discuss the importance of building a brand and an entity locally. With over six years of experience in the SEO game, Michael has learned some hard lessons by making his own mistakes and breakthroughs. He will share what he learned to help event attendees grow and generate more revenue. Other speakers scheduled to share insights during the 3-day event include Brock Misner, CFO and co-founder of Marketing Divine, who will share insights on “Influencing Local Rankings with User Engagement and the presence of the brand”; Terry Samuels brings over 20 years of software and computer experience and discusses “Forensic On-Page SEO: The Ins and Outs and How to Fix It”; and Mike Milas, owner of an agency, who will talk about scaling with omnichannel marketing services.”

Web 20 Ranker LLC brings in other bigwigs in the digital marketing industry including Allen Levings, Victor Perez, Bucky Helms, Eldar Cohen, Jacob Kettner and Chaz Edwards who has built several successful online and offline businesses and ranked clients in some of the toughest niches in the digital marketing space.

Tickets for the event are selling out quickly and Web 20 Ranker LLC has confirmed the limited number of slots available for event attendees. Direct all inquiries to the Web 20 Ranker LLC team by phone at (855) 896-6657 or visit their website. The digital marketing agency has its physical office at 3915 Union Deposit Rd #918, Harrisburg, PA, 17109, US for more information.

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