T&T Chamber salutes Faria’s contribution | Local company

The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce and Industry paid tribute to Gabriel Faria yesterday on his last day as CEO of the organization.

In a press release, the T&T Chamber said that since his appointment as CEO in 2016, he had ushered in a period of increased collaboration with local and regional chambers and business groups, and opened several avenues of interaction. with young businessmen and innovators who needed a platform. to be heard and recognized.

The Chamber said Faria’s tenure also witnessed increased advocacy efforts with the T&T government, policymakers and legislators, to whom he brought his own unique style to negotiate changes in business facilitation. and in the ease of doing business.

The Chamber said its belief has always been that “a strong private sector is the foundation of a prosperous and equitable T&T”. And, he said his faith in innovation and the resilience of the local private sector has been his inspiration to push for increased consultation by government with business in trade and economic development.

“Gabriel Faria’s transformational work for the Chamber has had a substantial and positive impact on the reputation of the organization and his contribution to the streamlining and increased efficiency of the organization has brought tremendous value to members and to management team,” the organization said.

In the press release, Chamber Speaker Charles Pashley said, “Gabriel has added significant value to the Chamber by introducing new member benefits and programs. With the support of the Board of Directors, he has been exceptionally successful in positioning the Chamber as the voice of business by being a fearless advocate for the business community. He has a deep understanding of what businesses need to grow and what issues need to be addressed to create a more conducive and enabling environment. This has been invaluable – especially for our micro, small and medium enterprises and the continued challenges of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wish him the best for his retirement. »

Incoming CEO Ian De Souza said: “His tireless efforts to increase the Chamber’s advocacy and visibility in the local and regional space are unquestionable. He left a solid foundation on which to build through the programs he created and the strong relationships he forged for the Chamber, both locally and regionally. I am grateful for his support and guidance throughout this transition period. I wish him a happy and healthy retirement and many happy years with his family.

More recently, Faria contributed to the committee that was created to reopen the economy during the lockdown that followed the start of the pandemic and supported the decision for a nationwide vaccination campaign to revive the economy.

Holder of a master’s degree in business administration and member-Delta (Mu Delta) of the International Honor Society for Business Administration, Gabriel Faria is well rated and highly appreciated for his role in the recovery of companies and in the creation of strong brands. and profitable. Prior to joining the Chamber, he brought significant financial and analytical skills to support successful joint ventures and strategic alliances in Asia-Pacific, North, Central and Latin America and the Caribbean. Faria has also worked extensively in media, manufacturing and distribution, holding several leadership positions in the spirits and beverage industry.