Trustonic and TCL highlight need for local marketing strategy

Trustonic argues that OEMs need to think locally when trying to bring their products to different markets. The company noted that the mobile phone market has changed drastically over the past 10 years and while it is still possible to market the same product anywhere in the world, that product may not find an audience if the seller can’t find a way to connect. with the local population.

This information comes from the latest episode of Trustonic’s InsideTrack Podcast, which features a pair of TCL and Alcatel executives as guests. William Patterson is TCL’s area manager for Northern Europe, while Ernst Wittmann is the regional manager for South East Africa.

Together, they detailed some of the key differences between their respective territories. For example, handset makers targeting the UK are entering a country with two established players dominating 85% of the market, while those in the emerging African market need to stand out in a field crowded with dozens of competitors. Consumers themselves will also have different expectations, with those in the UK prioritizing factors such as battery life and storage, while those in Africa place more emphasis on device size. the screen.

Given these differences, TCL and Alcatel recognized that the same approach would not work in both regions. In the UK, Patterson forged relationships with local groups like the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in an attempt to increase TCL’s reputation and awareness. Wittmann, on the other hand, has worked with local retailers to develop sales campaigns and plans to sign sponsorship deals with international soccer stars.

Both emphasized the need to build strong relationships with retailers, to ensure those retailers have the knowledge they need to sell a product when customers walk into the store. They argued that the relationship has become even more important as technology has improved, as many devices now have many of the same features and it is increasingly difficult to stand out with technology alone.

“Operators and retailers want to see that we fully understand what our brand means in that particular country and understand the consumer it appeals to,” Patterson said. “Retail looks to the manufacturer to drive demand and then converts it. This means we have a lot of work to do before the consumer even walks into the store or online. »

For its part, Trustonic stressed the need for strong device security, regardless of region and manufacturer. The company has previously drawn attention to high rates of smartphone theft and released a white paper to help manufacturers get their devices certified.