Toco vandals cut the TSTT cable | Local company

Dozens of residents of Cumana, Sans Souci and L’Anse Noire in Toco have been deprived of mobile phone and Internet services after vandals cut dozens of TSTT (Trinity Telecommunications Services) overhead cables. Tobago) early yesterday morning.

At around 3 a.m., police on patrol discovered the severed cables hidden in several places along the main road to Paria.

PCs Singh and Glasglow noticed the first amount of TSTT cables near LP # 976, which is about a minute from the Toco District Health Center.

As officers continued to search the bushes, they found more severed TSTT cables hidden by the side of the road.

A local resident with a van helped the police to transport the cables to the Toco police station.

Crime scene investigators have been contacted and PC Singh is continuing his investigations.

Valence / Toco city councilor Martin Rondon told the Express the vandalism started weeks ago in the area.

“Last night was a big hit but they (the vandals) didn’t have time to pick up the cables. Maybe they saw the lights of the police vehicles and drove away. At present, residents of Hamburg Road, Toco Main Road, and Paria Main Road to Matelot do not have or have problems with Internet and cell service. We found that children had to go through their neighbors across the road to take their online lessons.

He said the perpetrators were targeting the main road to Paria and the main road to Toco because these areas are isolated.

And the local government official said the vandals were stealing cables and knocking out residents, while praising Toco, Matura and Matelot police for their vigilance in the matter.

Rondon added that they struck in December and cables were cut between Cumana and L’Anse Noire and Toco Police Station and Toco Anglican School were affected by the blackout.

TSTT had since restored those services, Rondon said.

“This vandalism is just a terrible situation, as our residents, especially our children, are now suffering from the lack of communication. I appeal to

anyone with information about it to bring it to the police. If you see something, say something, ”Rondon said.

L’Express has contacted TSTT’s communications manager, Janelle David, and the following statement has been released on the matter.

“In recent times, there has been an unfortunate increase in cable cuts and network sabotage in several rural areas.

“TSTT strongly condemns these acts of vandalism and notes that at a time when people depend heavily on connectivity for work and school, these actions are a huge disservice to the affected communities.

“Regarding the Toco region, TSTT is working to migrate affected customers to an alternative connectivity solution. The company has made progress in moving customers to its wireless network and will continue this exercise to ensure that all affected customers return to service.

“TSTT remains committed to pursuing the best interests of the people and communities it serves and reminds perpetrators that if they are arrested, they will be prosecuted with the full force of the law.

“Under Section 69 (1) of the Telecommunications Act,” a person who maliciously damages, removes or destroys installation work or other installation of a public network or utility of telecommunications commits an offense and is liable, on summary conviction, to a fine of $ 250,000 and five years in prison, ”the TSTT statement said.

TSTT encouraged members of the public to call 800-0688 to report cases of cable theft.