The TTCSI budget recommends: | Local company

The Trinidad and Tobago Service Industries Coalition (TTCSI) yesterday called on the government to give urgent attention in the upcoming budget to issues affecting the service sector, which has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 19.

In a report yesterday, TTSCI said that among the recommendations for the tourism sector that the finance minister is expected to address in the upcoming budget is the urgent need to upgrade the country’s tourist sites and attractions.

“Currently, they are in a deplorable state. Some sites lack adequate facilities, rain and landslide issues, road conditions and site safety are a major concern for tourism stakeholders. Grant funding is needed to build the institutional capacity of the Trinidad and Tobago Inbound Tour Operators Association and for tour operators to promote the country as a destination at international trade fairs,” said the organization representing the service sector.

TTSCI said the association would also like to see more effort in marketing tourism to Trinidad and Tobago.

TTCSI further pointed out that Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT) needs more land in the Chaguaramas area (limited to only 2.2 square miles at present) for the expansion and sustainability of the growth.

“Allow the free movement of yachts between the bays of Trinidad and Tobago, which is allowed in other Caribbean countries with booming yachting sectors. Department of Immigration to facilitate foreign yachts as to Grenada, St. Vincent, Antigua, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Maarten and all other Caribbean islands,” the statement read.

In addition, TTCSI offered recommendations for improving the creative sector.

He said the government should put in place a policy to ensure and encourage participation in international music exhibitions and business forums.

“Such participation should not be limited to the performances of a few selected artists. Like any other trade mission, there must be participation from music business managers, agencies, publicists, producers and administrators. Creation of the National Museum of the History of Calypso Music and as an active sector of the National Museum of Carnival Arts and Industry. Introduction of a Carnival theme park to stimulate active tourism and generate year-round employment for artists and artisans in the creative sector,” the service industries said.

Measures to protect vulnerable people

TTCSI members recommended the following measures to protect vulnerable members of society:

• Create crèches in ministries and other public enterprises. Provide support to working parents, especially single mothers;

• Creation of shelters for victims of domestic violence. The number of reported cases of domestic violence has increased over the past two years. Some homes do not accept children, boys or children over a certain age;

• Free internet services and computer training for all senior citizens (who wish to benefit from these services) to facilitate their banking and paying bills, etc.;

• Increase citizens’ disposable income by increasing the personal tax allowance to $100,000 due to the declining purchasing power of the TT dollar and high food price inflation; and

• Make nurses permanent employees. This was to be done by December 2021 but was not completed. TTSCI Would like the exercise to be completed.