“The Local Marketing Handbook” helps local businesses market themselves

WARE, Mass., July 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Roberto Torres is proud to offer his new book, The local marketing manual. This book shows the importance of marketing within a business’s local community, discussing the context for reaching local customers and explaining the best ways to get that audience’s attention.

Local businesses are often well known within the community and tend to overlook some of the fundamentals of marketing within these communities. Torres reviews five basic marketing principles that empower business owners to not only grow their business, but also engage in their communities.

This book teaches the reader to identify exactly who their customers are and to refine their sales pitch in order to attract those customers. It also covers how to build a website and how to use tools like Google My Business and social media to reach their community.

Torres’s book states, “One of the main reasons for having a website is to show proof that your product or service is as good as you claim it is. I cannot stress the importance of filling your business website with relevant content for your visitors: people live, work and visit your community.

This important practice is often overlooked by local businesses who do not yet have a website and do not advertise online. Social media marketing is new to many, and while the business owner understands the importance of marketing, they don’t know where to start.

This book bridges the gap between the small business owner and the marketing community, giving the owner an idea where to start and what steps are most important to take first. The book is written as an easy to read guide explaining the basics of local marketing. After reading this, a business owner will have precisely what it takes to grow a local business and become an agent of change in the community.

The local marketing manual is currently available on Amazon Kindle and in pocket format. Hardcover additions will be available shortly.

On Roberto Torres:

Roberto Torres is a disciple of Christ. He and his wife Jessica have five children. Roberto has spent over 20 years helping businesses manage their data and technology infrastructure. In 2018, he turned to small businesses, helping them take advantage of technology to grow. The local marketing manual is his first book.

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