The local community gets involved in a wind farm project

Extensive community consultation must be kicked into high gear to help shape what will become one of the most powerful and efficient onshore wind projects in Scotland – and Europe.

Representing a major investment, the Bodinglee Wind Farm, which has up to 40 turbines, will provide the opportunity to leave a positive social, economic and environmental legacy for South Lanarkshire.

The proposed wind farm has the potential to generate over 280MW of clean green electricity, equivalent to powering all the homes in South Lanarkshire and Motherwell combined or taking 54,000 cars off the road.[1]. It would also make significant progress towards Scotland’s energy security and the Government’s targets to reach net zero by 2045.

Following initial discussions with local community councils, developer Banks Renewables has already scaled back its proposals by reducing the boundary to the southeast of the site. It is now using the next online and in-person consultations, starting July 18eto further develop its proposals, which it will present to the community later in the year for further consultation.

Gordon Thomson, Head of Projects at Banks Renewables, said: “Given the scale of Bodinglee and its potential to bring deep and wide-ranging benefits to the region and Scotland as a whole, it is essential that we continue our discussions with the local community through the treaty.

“We are listening. We want to hear local perspectives on the design of the project and how it can benefit the local community. The scale of this project means that by working in partnership with communities, we can think big and potentially solving hard to solve problems such as energy poverty, regional unemployment and the wider regeneration of nature.This is a great opportunity for people living locally to help shape the plans for the project and the benefits it will bring. could bring to communities in the region and beyond.

The wind farm is expected to sit southeast of Douglas in South Lanarkshire, on both sides of the M74.

If accepted, Bodinglee Wind Farm will generate around £56 million over its expected life in community funding, an important priority for Banks Renewables. The banks will also renew their commitment to work with local suppliers as part of the Connect2Renewables initiative. This is expected to result in around £475m in the Scottish economy over the life of the project, including over £162m in South Lanarkshire.

The events will take place from 2-7pm at Rigside Community Hall in Rigside on Tuesday July 19, St Brides Center in Douglas on Wednesday July 20 and Roberton Hall in Roberton on Thursday July 21. Alternatively, members of the local area of ​​the Bodinglee Wind Farm site who cannot carry out the consultations in person are encouraged to sign up for a phone or video call.

As part of the consultation process, Banks Renewables expects the community to provide feedback on the development of the Bodinglee Wind Farm with the Banks project team to create transformative change in the area on issues such as fuel poverty, green jobs and skills and nature restoration.

Following the consultation events, Bodinglee Wind Farm will go through the design and planning process, with construction expected to begin between 2026 and 2028, subject to planning approvals. Banks Renewables aims to have the wind farm operational by 2029.

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[1]Each car is representative of the average mid-size petrol car in the UK and has been calculated using BEIS GHG conversion factors.