Tariff Relief Scheme for Paying Local Businesses

Business rate payers in Newtown may be able to obtain rate relief.

Powys County Council has urged businesses to apply for retail, leisure and hospitality rate relief for 2022-23.

The Welsh Government scheme offers eligible occupied businesses a 50% reduction on the business rates bill for a property.

The scheme will apply to all eligible taxpayers with a relief cap for all your commercial properties up to £110,000.

The business must be in the retail, leisure, hospitality or tourism sectors, for example shops, pubs and restaurants, sports halls, performance venues and hotels.

Businesses that meet the eligibility criteria must apply for this tariff relief. It will not be awarded automatically as in previous years.

Jane Thomas, the council’s chief financial officer, said: “This support will be welcomed by businesses that have suffered or continue to suffer the effects of the pandemic. I urge businesses that qualify for tariff relief to apply as soon as possible so that the reduction is applied to their business tariff invoice.

Further information about the scheme, including how to apply, can be found online by searching for “Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Rates Relief 2022/2023” at www.powys.gov.uk