State government talks about efforts to support local businesses, despite criticism | Avocado

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The state government maintains it is committed to supporting local businesses affected by COVID, despite criticism from labor and industry. Business Northwest vice president Justin McErlain said while he’s sympathetic to the government, he feels he hasn’t done enough for business. “They are certainly overwhelmed at the moment, but we need a lot of support in the regional areas,” Mr. McErlain said. “More support would be appreciated, certainly in terms of testing and helping to manage staffing situations.” Mr McErlain said the government needs to have a clearer plan to help businesses. “They need to consider some options for additional support to help businesses get through this traumatic time,” he said. “They need to talk to the industry to determine what needs to be done to ensure their survival in these difficult times.” According to McErlain, Business Northwest has not had any conversations with the government. “We’re looking forward to some level of engagement – to figure out how we’re helping everyone get through these tough times,” he said. Mr McErlain also hopes the government will supply companies with rapid antigen test kits. “The shortage of test kits is really a major hurdle for businesses right now because you can’t even get your staff tested,” he said. “They should consider assistance in providing test kits when they are available – perhaps free of charge for companies to subsidize.” IN OTHER NEWS: Small Business Minister Jane Howlett said she has supported employers throughout the pandemic. “The Tasmanian Liberal government is the strongest supporter of small business and we have provided leading support throughout the pandemic, including approximately $ 160 million in COVID-19 specific support programs,” said Mrs Howlett said. “As we have always said, the Tasmanian government is actively communicating with small businesses and will consider additional support if necessary.” However, Labor and Small Business Minister Janie Finlay said the government had not provided enough support to local business owners. “Small businesses demand open and clear communication from government so they can be sure that if they have to close, they know support is available,” said Ms. Finlay. “The government needs to be more flexible in supporting businesses and individuals who have found themselves in unique situations. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: