Silvercrest Launches Local Store Marketing Tracking Augmentation on its Proprietary Local Marketing Automation Platform (LMap)

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New LSM tracker tracks spend whether or not spent via Silvercrest’s LMap, simplifying tracking for brands and cementing Silvercrest’s hegemony as the single platform to combine marketing technology needs of all brands from a single source.

June 11, 2020 // // LOS ANGELES, CA – Silvercrest’s robust proprietary martech portal, Local Marketing Automation Platform (LMap), is the only platform that enables brands to manage and access all marketing needs and brand media from one portal.

With the launch of LMap’s latest development, Silvercrest has become the only platform that allows brands to track local store marketing spend (LSM) of franchisees, whether purchases are made through Silvercrest’s LMap portal.

Everything purchased by franchisees through LMap is tracked, however, now a new data capture platform allows locations to upload other expenses, such as sponsorships or social media influencers, into a tracking tool. tracked so that all of their expenses are captured against their allocated budget per program, in one cloud-based location. Designed specifically for franchise brands, business managers can then review uploaded expenses and approve or reject them to allocate to LSM expenses required by the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). No other platform provides an expense tracking mechanism beyond what is placed through its own portal. Unlike most Silvercrest LMaps, which do not charge an ongoing platform fee with a guaranteed minimum overall spend, the LSM Spending Tracker has a monthly fee since it is a tracking software and not a transaction. However, if brands meet the platform’s minimum spend, that fee is waived.

“In the wake of the current COVID-19 crisis, and with business and budget contractions, we want to help brands find ways to reduce costs by combining technologies and leveraging Silvercrest’s exclusive and comprehensive offerings. No other martech company can deliver this complete solution from a portal than Silvercrest,” says William Rodriguez, President and Co-Founder.

With this addition, Silvercrest can authoritatively say that no other platform can offer all martech services in one portal. With LMap, brands manage most of their marketing and media plan. From territory analysis, automated creative versioning and personalization, media automation and grand opening kits, print-on-demand materials, email marketing, management from social media, coupon barcode scanning and analysis, media planning and buying, to tracking overall local store marketing spend, all from a sophisticated yet simple platform.

“We want to provide holistic and programmatic solutions that help brands achieve their goals. And we are committed to finding technological answers, leveraging AI and advanced targeting in unique ways, that can allow us to be a one-stop solution and an extension of a brand’s marketing department,” says Jennifer. Moore, director of marketing at Silvercrest.

Silvercrest’s LMap is a unique marketing technology solution.

About Silver Crest

Silvercrest is a technology company dedicated to providing sophisticated marketing and media solutions. Silvercrest was founded in 2011 by William Rodriguez and Ryan Gesler who realized a growing need for franchises to effectively access marketing and media, partnering to create Silvercrest, an agency dedicated to providing branding solutions for franchises and multi-unit organizations with the combination of exclusive properties. technology, customer data, marketing needs and media buying, harnessed in a sophisticated yet simple platform: LMap.

Silvercrest’s technological innovation and customized tools can simplify the national and local marketing needs of the franchise brand. LMap is the only platform that allows brands to manage and access all of these needs from a single portal: territory and data analysis, media planning and buying, national advertising budget tools, versioning and automated personalization of creations, print on demand, coupon barcode. Scanning and analysis, media automation and grand opening kits, specialty products and apparel, email marketing, social media management and franchise development. This is powered by their Local Marketing Automation Platform (LMap), which is a user-friendly and state-of-the-art cloud-based system.


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