Seattle-based advertising technology company Mixpo acquired by brand-to-local marketing firm Netsertive

Netsertive CEO Brendan Morrissey (left) and Mixpo CEO Charlie Tillinghast (photo by Netsertive)

When Mixpo has partnered with Netertif last year, the two companies had no idea it would end in a formal wedding.

But that’s what is happening today as North Carolina-based Netsertive – a leader in the emerging field of “brand-to-local” marketing – announced it was buying Mixpo, a Seattle-based company there. 10 years ago that helps publishers and marketers create and deploy video and social media ad campaigns.

Together, the two companies say they will help brands better deploy digital marketing campaigns to local retailers, which will help attract more shoppers to physical stores.

Netsertive works with about three dozen major brands, including mattress maker Serta, automaker Mazda, and appliance maker Electrolux. Its technology enables these brands to better deploy local marketing campaigns in specific geographic regions, often where messaging, prices, and store locations differ.

Mixpo CEO Charlie Tillinghast said the rules around these local ad campaigns are quite complicated, which means money is often left on the table due to compliance issues. Netsertive helps administer these marketing programs so that dollars are deployed more efficiently, and along with Mixpo, it will add technologies that enhance video and social media advertising campaigns.

“We have the capacity on a large scale to produce video ads and social ads, and localize them,” said Tillinghast, speaking to GeekWire of Mixpo’s capabilities. “One of the things we’ve always been really good at – and where our core expertise lies – is being able to take a single ad and locate it, which means putting a local message on an ad for, say, several hundred different locations, all in an automated manner.

Brendan Morrissey of Netsertive (Netsertive photo)

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but Tillinghast said the deal was a financial success. He declined to elaborate when asked for more details, but said Mixpo had previously raised $ 12.4 million in venture capital funds from Madrona Venture Group, Yaletown Venture Partners and Growthworks.

Netsertive is also backed by venture capital, having already raised $ 38 million in three round funding from Greycroft Partners, RRE Ventures, River Cities Capital Funds and Harbert Venture Partners. It employs 270 people.

At its peak after acquiring Portland-based ShopIgniter, Mixpo employed around 100 people. Today it employs around sixty people, all of whom will join Netsertive.

“Our plan and intention here is to bring the whole team together… and we are investing in unity,” Netsertive CEO Brendan Morrissey told GeekWire.

When asked why the time has come for Mixpo to sell, Tillinghast noted that the ad technology market is “quite turbulent” and, as part of that, Mixpo is positioning itself to better capture the money from the market. Brand.

“A lot of our competition will sell to brands and then turn around and help bring those dollars to publishers,” Tillinghast said. “And we don’t have (that). We’ve always focused on publishers to help them sell, and we’ve never had access to the demand dollars that help our publishers. And with Netsertive, all of a sudden we’re suddenly part of a company that has access to huge amounts of branding money that we can build into our programs for the benefit of our publisher clients.

Historically, Mixpo has worked with large television groups such as Sinclair Broadcast Group, Hearst, Comcast and Raycom Media. The idea is that Mixpo will now be able to channel those brand dollars more directly to TV groups, providing even more value.

Tillinghast previously served as president of MSNBC Interactive News. He joined the Mixpo board of directors in 2013, then took the reins of CEO two years later, winning the “Recruitment of the Year” award at the 2015 GeekWire Awards. Tillinghast will continue to be based in Seattle and will lead the Mixpo activity.

Netsertive plans to use the Mixpo office as a base for further expansion on the West Coast, including positions in engineering and sales.

“A lot of companies are trying to enter the Seattle market and it’s not easy for them to break in and recruit, so it gives Netsertive a nice beachhead that way,” Tillinghast said.