Salford Council provides cybersecurity funds and training to local businesses

Salford City Council has offered local businesses free training and grants to improve their cybersecurity.

He said the move would support businesses that may have run out of government funding during the shutdowns, and believes it is the only local authority in the country to use government business support grants in this way.

Funds are available to support 100 SMEs and 200 independent and independent home businesses. the two courses are provided by the HOST Salford Innovation Center in partnership with Salford City Council.

The Cyber ​​Workforce Course is a free, one-day course for established business owners, freelancers and freelancers in Salford whose business involves or plans to implement e-commerce.

Participants will receive a grant of £ 1,000 at the end of the course to improve cybersecurity in their business by purchasing new hardware, software or licenses for security products.

The Cyber ​​PME course lasts two days and combines advanced awareness with practical and real technical scenarios. Participants will receive a scholarship of £ 2,500.

BEIS money

The money comes from the council’s offer for top-up funding from the Additional Restriction Grant (ARG), from the Ministry of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, to help businesses severely affected by Covid-19.

This initiative is part of Cyber ​​Salford, an ambition to create the UK’s most cyber-enabled city.

Councilor Bill Hinds, Senior Financial and Support Services Member, said: “The trend of buying goods and services online has accelerated due to the pandemic and we want businesses in Salford to take advantage of it. best party.

“Keeping customer details safe and making payments online is a huge challenge for some small independent businesses, so we decided to use this funding in a unique way. As a leader in cybersecurity, we are proud to share our skills and take an innovative approach to distributing grants to businesses that also brings social value to the city.

“I urge all small and medium businesses, freelance workers or independent traders to contact me to see if they are eligible. Places are limited, so register as soon as possible. We want to make sure that we are helping all the businesses that we can. “

Image from iStock, Devonyu