Riverside Studios announces a series of new initiatives for the local community

Riverside Studios today announces a series of fresh and creative initiatives for its local community, ensuring its commitment to making its work affordable for its entire community. The program takes a fresh approach to inclusion and fulfills Riverside’s charitable goal of making the arts accessible to everyone. Some of the program highlights include:

  • Screenings of the film “Pay what you can”
  • The first ever Riverside Pride Film Festival
  • A discount on Parent & Baby and Silver Screen ticket prices
  • £6.50 under 25 tickets for screenings
  • The return of the Bitesize Theater Festival at £10 a ticket
  • Extending the Dive In Membership Scheme to include any resident of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham living in AD council tax bands, living on Universal Credit or who has a child on Pupil Premium.

Please find the link to the images here: https://we.tl/t-yONejfDJ26

Rachel Tackley, Creative Director of Riverside Studios, said: “Riverside has always been for everyone, everywhere. But we wanted to make sure that we prioritized the people we are closest to, our friends and neighbors in our local community, the best that we can do by providing innovative, bold and entertaining films, plays, art and events at a price that hopefully everyone can afford .

Tony Lankester, Executive Director of Riverside Studios, said, “We are extremely proud of the role Riverside plays in this community. You can come for a cup of coffee and meet friends, you can enjoy a workshop or two or you can watch the world go by at this beautiful riverside location. We believe that access to the arts is a right and not a privilege, and so this new program is part of our commitment to ensuring that we are open and welcoming to everyone, especially those closest to us in this lively part of London”.

The west London cultural hub’s summer initiatives kick off on Tuesday June 7 with Riverside Studios’ new ‘Pay What You Can’ ticket system for cinema screenings, which will continue every first Tuesday of the month. The romantic war drama Firebird is first on the list and tickets will sell for as little as 1p. Visitors are invited to ‘Pay What You Can’ to see this film which had its world premiere at the BFI in March this year and this screening will only be accompanied by a filmed introduction by director Peter Rebane.

The Riverside Pride Film Festival runs from Friday June 10 to Sunday June 12 and includes an exclusive preview of Wildhood, an exploration of identity and belonging, directed by Bretten Hannam. Riverside Pride will proudly present Todd Stephens’ Swan Song, followed by a live Q&A by the director.

Riverside Studios’ commitment to making cinema affordable and accessible will be matched on its theater stages in July with the return of the Bitesize Festival. This festival features dozens of live performances, drawn from across the country, with tickets selling for just £10. As with “Bitesize I” in January, this pre-Edinburgh showcase will give audiences the opportunity to sample the brightest and best emerging talent, at a price that will allow them to enjoy up to “three bites a night” during up to £30.