Pursuit Technology and Atturra Announce Strategic Alliance Partnership for Local Government Workforce Learning and Planning

COMPANY NEWS: Leading provider of technology consulting and solutions, Atturra today announced a new strategic partnership with Pursuit Technology, one of Australia’s fastest growing HR technology companies and the historic provider of LMS for more than 80% of federal departments in Australia.

Atturra now becomes Pursuit Technology’s premier alliance partner in the local government market, strengthening its position as a leading IT services provider for local government and public sector organizations. She will apply her extensive experience in delivering learning management and cloud solutions to support the efficient delivery and deployment in local government of Pursuit Technology’s SaaS workforce solutions, including its scheduling software. of the Panorama workforce and the Acorn learning management system.

The local government sector has pressing workforce development issues due to its geographically dispersed operations and compliance challenges that are subject to variation in jurisdictions from state to state. At the same time, within local government there is a diverse range of roles and responsibilities which makes for a complex and diverse learning environment. Professional development provision in local government supports the development of better local governance and leadership and addresses critical skills shortage issues.

Pursuit Technology’s solutions allow council staff to access e-learning content anywhere, anytime on any device, while its Acorn app enables HR staff to capture all board staff learning activities and easily create courses by simply dragging and dropping content into a curriculum. Atturra will partner with Pursuit Technology to deliver bespoke cloud-based training content and use the power of gamification for online courses to keep staff engaged and motivated, which will help boost retention , productivity and performance.

“Both Atturra and Pursuit Technology have a strong footprint in the Australian and New Zealand government sector and this new partnership will now enable both organizations to meet the demands of local government agencies and councils while continuing to upgrade their human resources and their learning technology to improve recruitment. , compete for talent and support retention efforts,” said Graham Curley, Atturra’s industry leader for state and local governments.

“Our experience is that local government managers and employees need to incorporate innovations into their daily routines, and providing learning resources helps councils continue to evolve and meet community service needs. We look forward to mutually beneficial results for Atturra, Pursuit Technology and local government as the power of our combined solutions and services creates a positive impact for councils and their employees.

Under this partnership, Pursuit Technology will leverage Atturra’s experience and success with over 100 local government councils to date, helping them improve and simplify their business processes to streamline their operations. Atturra will also benefit from Pursuit Technology’s extensive experience with federal and state departments, which has maintained a 100% retention rate with 150 customers over seven years.

“It was immediately clear to me that Atturra’s goal was to help customers transition to modern cloud-based platforms aligned with our market value,” said Blake Proberts, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Pursuit Technology.

“It’s not just the move to cloud-based HR applications, but the right ones. The ones that not only deliver efficiencies, but also enable strategic performance for HR and L&D teams. We believe the winning mix depth and breadth of Atturra’s service expertise in conjunction with our award-winning platforms will deliver impactful solutions to the market.”

Attura CEO Stephen Kowal added, “We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Pursuit Technology. Atturra values ​​partnerships that take on the complexity of technological innovation and put the customer at the heart of its solutions. With the combined expertise, we look forward to building capabilities for customers that directly support effective HR and learning services as applications transition to cloud-based platforms. We look forward to strengthening and growing the Pursuit partnership, as it is a perfect combination of expertise, customer focus and technological innovation.

About Pursuit Technology

Pursuit Technology is one of Australia’s fastest growing HR technology companies. Pursuit, through Acorn LMS, takes a different view to empower HR and L&D teams to be more strategic than traditional vendors. Rather than focusing on the learning experience and then analysis, their products use workforce planning and capability frameworks before any learning. By linking to a company’s strategy, Pursuit products can inform organizational capability gaps, suggest training, deliver that training, and then measure impact – proving the business impact of the HR and L&D team in a quantifiable way.

About Atturra

Atturra is an ASX-listed technology company that offers a range of business consulting, IT services and solutions, with a focus on local government, utilities, education, defense and federal government , financial services and manufacturing industries. Atturra has partnerships with leading global solution providers including Microsoft, Boomi, Software AG, Smartsheet, QAD, Infor and Solace, and its customers include some of the largest public and private sector organizations in Australia. For more information about Atturra, visit: www.atturra.com.