Protesters rally to support local business shutdown over vaccine

A territory company at the center of a vaccine battle with the NT government received a response to its calls for support, with more than 100 people showing up to protest the government’s COVID-19 vaccine policy on Monday morning .

NT Police ordered Windscreens territory to be closed on Friday after reports that staff were violating the health director’s instructions, including not wearing masks and alleging that the owner and staff were operating the business without be vaccinated.

But when the store opened on Monday, people had gathered to show their support for the Coconut Grove business, calling on the government to end its mandate on vaccines.

The rally included members of the “Free in the NT” group who have been protesting the vaccination mandate for months.

Windshield Territory owner Steve Arrigo told the crowd he didn’t understand why the government would force him to shut down his business.

“Our community across Australia is dividing [over] a vaccine or a jab, ”he said during the protest.

“I’m just a simple guy. I don’t know how you can stop me from walking around – to me it’s – I can’t understand that.

“I am in perfect health to come to work, to earn a living and to provide for my family.

“I really struggled with what people don’t understand about it because I haven’t done anything wrong.

“I had the choice not to take the jab.

“How can I be limited to moving around, working, or providing for my family?

“If they pass any rules or regulations that we think may not be true and legal, I will stand here to the end for all Australians.”

NT’s incident controller Virginia Read said Friday that Mr. Arrigo’s company had not submitted a COVID security plan.

Ms Read also alleged that the company did not keep an immunization record.

NT police also alleged that Mr. Arrigo and two company staff were not vaccinated.

Police said these were offenses but did not go into detail on the details of the alleged offense.

Mr Arrigo said he would raise the issue of the Gunner government’s “illegal” shutdown of his business with the government.

“I will send this and I will ask them in a response with evidence within the next seven days,” he said.

During the demonstration, he told his supporters that the authorities had addressed the notice of closure of the premises to a guy named “Greg”. However, he said there was no “Greg” working for them.

Mr Arrigo also said authorities ordered his business to shut down on Friday, but it was in fact already closed on Friday.

NT police say there is no problem with the protests and cannot explain why unvaccinated people gathered during lockdown

At a press conference on Monday, Acting Territory Controller Michael Murphy said NT police attended the protest at Windscreens Territory to ensure all participants obeyed CHO’s instructions.

He became uncertain when asked how unvaccinated people meeting while Darwin was locked out could be considered to comply with health guidelines.

“It was a peaceful demonstration that lasted only an hour,” he said. “And there was no problem with the Northern Territory police.

He then added, when asked about the lockdown: “And in saying that, obviously too, there are inquiries that need to be undertaken into the legality, satisfying the reasons for leaving home. Everyone has a right of reply ”.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s social media post on Friday about shutting down the company which he said was “a punch when you see a few selfish people breaking the law” – sparked a backlash from Territorians , with thousands of comments criticizing Mr. Gunner’s exit from the company and what people called his continued efforts to divide the community.

“I’m angry, all of the Territorials would be angry that after almost two years people still don’t get it,” Gunner’s Facebook post said.

“We are pursuing all leads on anti-vaxxer law breakers – if you know of anyone else who is acting selfishly let us know, we take them seriously and will hit them hard.”

Jarrod Carman commented on Mr. Gunner’s post saying, “The person who doesn’t seem to understand is you Michael Gunner. The punch is that after 2 years you haven’t looked at the damage government excess has done to the people they are meant to serve.

“You and your government have clearly not looked at all the research available to you and the models available to you on how to deal with a ‘pandemic’. You have taken one approach and one approach only. Have you ever stopped to think you might have been wrong? “

Territorial Carrie Russell also commented, saying: “This is not an anti-vaccination company, it is a company that chooses to open its doors to any vaccinated or unvaccinated customer, since when a vaccination makes- she a superior person? “

Mr. Arrigo could face fines of up to $ 5,024 for individuals and $ 25,120 for the company if he is found to have violated CHO’s instructions.

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