Prime Minister of Tasmania – Designing Local Government for the Future

December 15, 2021

Roger Jaensch, Minister of Local Authorities and Planning

The Government of Tasmania is pleased to announce the members of the Local Government Council who will oversee the Local Government Review in Tasmania, which will ensure the sector is ready for challenges and opportunities going forward.

The Board of Trustees will be chaired by Ms. Sue Smith, who is a distinguished community leader, the first female Speaker of the Legislative Council, a Member of Parliament for 16 years, a former mayor of the Central Coast Council, a Councilor for 14 years, and also Commissioner of Glenorchy during the 2017 Commission of Inquiry.

Ms Smith will be ably supported by Ms Kym Goodes, Mr Paul West, Ms Pam Allen, Mr Rick De Santi and the Director of Local Government, all of whom have extensive experience and knowledge of local government in Tasmania and are highly regarded by the sector. .

The objective of the review is to prepare local government in Tasmania for the challenges and opportunities of the future and to create a more robust and capable system of local government.

The terms of reference for the review, which were also released today, outline an 18-month, three-step collaborative review program, during which the board will review all roles, responsibilities and board functions.

The first stage of the review, which will begin in January 2022, will focus on consultation at the community level, where everyone will have the opportunity to describe the services they expect advice to meet current and future needs, access opportunities and take on the challenge.

The second stage will involve developing and testing reform opportunities, while during the third stage, the Council will develop recommendations for the government, as well as practical transition plans.

We recognize the importance of local government as an independent, accountable and representative sphere of government, which is vital for the future of the Tasmanian economy and the well-being of Tasmanian communities.

Collaboration will be essential to the success of this review, and I thank the Association of Local Governments of Tasmania and our guidance for the constructive way they have engaged so far.

The government looks forward to continuing to work with the sector to craft a series of meaningful reforms that will deliver real and positive results for Tasmania.

The terms of reference are available at:

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