Pofok launches local marketing business

Winesburg Marketing Co. is a new consulting business soon to be opening in downtown Clyde, operated by Carolyn Hollingsworth Pofok. It is located at 128 S. Main St., next to Justin’s Barber Shop.

Pofok focuses on digital and print marketing, public relations, and communications-based work for clients.

Since moving to Clyde a few years ago, Pofok immediately immersed herself in our community and started volunteering for projects for the benefit of all. She attended events in downtown Clyde to film and post on Facebook, helping to publicize what was going on.

“I am very committed to promoting small business in Clyde and doing anything we can do to tie our community organizations together,” she said.

Her volunteer work includes Clyde Business and Professional Association (Vice President and Member), Winesburg Christmas Committee, Flier Youth Sports Association (President), Clyde Career Women (Member), Clyde Elementary Boosters (Vice President and Member), City of Clyde Recreation Board and seventh grade women’s basketball coach (McPherson Middle School).

Carolyn Hollingsworth Pofok

She served as President of Clyde In Bloom in 2018, the year she received the America in Bloom designation.

“I helped with their submission. It was such a good program and a benefit for Clyde, ”she said.

Its business location was previously occupied by MyGa Kids LLC, operated by Carolyn and her husband, Bob, which was an outlet for their online children’s clothing business.

The drop in sales resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic led them to disband the retail side of the business so that Carolyn could focus more on the advertising and marketing side of her business.

“It’s been a tough year for our small business, but we’re recovering and now I’m working on renaming the company as Winesburg Marketing Co.,” said Pofok, who is grateful for the rebound.

While the business was in transition, she loaned a space to Santa Claus so he could take one-on-one virtual tours online with Santa from there by appointment.

Pofok has extensive experience in public administration, overseeing and managing facilities, parks, programs and events where marketing and public relations formed a large part of their work.

“I’m not surprised to be working full time in the field now,” she said. “After working in public administration, I stayed at home with our children, Garrison and Myla, and then I finally started an e-commerce business. The business was easily sued when they moved to Clyde to be closer to their family.

She has already landed two major accounts, Marketing for Bonnigson & Associates and Promotion of Clyde-Green Springs Schools.

“With Bonnigson and Associates, their primary focus is to bring their business more into the digital marketplace when it comes to marketing and advertising while maintaining and balancing some of their traditional advertising methods,” she said. “They have been in the real estate and auction business for over 45 years so this is a huge opportunity for me to learn a lot from an established brand within our community.”

At Clyde-Green Springs Schools, she is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. “I feel my role has been useful, especially during the pandemic as communication has been vital.

“We are still learning every day how we can do better. Mr. Haft and the school board are always looking for areas for improvement. They really care. That’s why I appreciate the opportunity to work with them. I really like interviewing staff and highlighting student activities as it’s great for people to learn about the schools and keep in touch with them as visitors have been limited due to COVID-19 . “

For those with Facebook, she is the person heard interviewing Dennis Haft, school district superintendent, in his regular public question-and-answer sessions.

For more information about his company, see his website at wineburgmarketing.com.

Jeanette Liebold Ricker writes about Clyde and Green Springs. Contact her at 419-547-8177 or by email at [email protected]