Planners Approve Plans for New Lincoln Housing Authority Complex | Local government

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Commission on Wednesday approved plans for a new Lincoln Housing Authority complex.

Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of an annexation, zoning change and special permit for approximately 13.6 acres at the northwest corner of West Old Cheney Road and South Folsom Street.

The Lincoln Housing Authority, which owns the land, wants to develop it into a low-income housing project with 104 apartments and 24 townhouses.

The site is in a developing area that the city has designated as suitable for urban residential development. Single-family homes have already been built to the south of the site and Lincoln Public Schools owns land just to the west that is intended to be the site of a future elementary school.

Construction is not expected to start for at least a year, but the Housing Authority is now seeking approval for the plan as it needs to apply for low-income housing tax credits, and the deadline for this year is mid-March.

Tom Huston, a lawyer representing the authority, said he would get extra points in the tax credit scoring system and have a better chance of being approved if his plans were approved by the city.

Although the development would bring more than 100 housing units to what is still a largely rural area, there does not appear to be any opposition from neighboring landlords.