Pacelli students learn about local government at City Hall

By Taylor Hale
STEVENS POINT — Pacelli Junior Amelia Jacoby learned the ropes of local government during her two-week internship at Stevens Point City Hall.

Jacoby worked alongside Mayor Mike Wiza, rubbing shoulders with department heads in an effort to learn more about local government.

“We had to choose something to do for J-Term in Pacelli,” Jacoby explained. “My dad thought it would be a good opportunity for me to learn more about how city government works.”

Jacoby has worked in clerical and community development services, while contacting local businesses to assess their ongoing and future needs as they grow in the city.

“The school offered cooking or tax-paying programs, as well as traveling trips to New York and Peru,” Jacoby said.

But the young apprentice had her eyes fixed on her hometown.

“I think a lot more people should try something practical like this,” she said. “A lot of what we learn in school is about the state and the national government, we don’t really learn much about what’s going on locally.”

Wiza was excited to show his new intern how local government worked and admitted that it wasn’t always fun and playful.

“Sometimes what we do is boring, it’s work, that’s why it’s called work,” Wiza said. “But I hope she leaves learning something new.”

Jacoby’s internship lasted until January 14.