Nine Ways to Grow a Business Using Local Marketing

Become a household name in your the community takes a strong marketing initiative, which focuses on building relationships with local residents. Allow people to see your connection to the area, for example, can help stimulate your company, as well as bring more customers through your doors.

Part of making that connection comes from local events, such as hosting creative workshops or hosting kickoff meetings with other business leaders. It is also about giving back to the community, by offering goods or services related to your business, or by donating time and funds to groups in need.

The right approach can make all the difference when marketing locally, which is why nine members of Forbes Dallas advice share the initiatives they use in Dallas to succeed grow their Business.

Photos courtesy of individual members

1. Surround yourself with opinion leaders

Over the years, we have strategically selected office spaces across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to ensure we are constantly surrounded by other thought leaders and innovators – we strongly believe in the power of cross-pollinating ideas. -Daniel Noir, Glass-Media, Inc.

2. Donate to the community

We find a small local, an active organization that does something concrete in the community to improve the lives of the people who live there. We have a unique seasonal burger called “The Give Back Burger”. For every “Give Back Burger” sold, we donate $ 1 to this organization. It works for cross promotion, limited time offers, featured products and community engagement – Mariel Street, Freedom Burger

3. Create a base for entrepreneurship

By creating multiple physical locations that can serve the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a hub for education, mentoring and community, we have been able to create a foundation for entrepreneurship in Dallas. This has proven to be a powerful way to market entrepreneurs and their businesses to potential partners, clients and investors. – Trey Bowles, Dallas Entrepreneur Center

4. Promote and sell Local Some products

We were the first gift box company to launch in Dallas, in March 2014. We incorporate and buy gifts from all over the United States, but love to work with Dallasbased gift companies. We always keep gifts from Texas businesses in our store. -Allison Loftus, VelvetCrate

5. Partner with Local Coffees

We have partnered with all local cafes at Dallas to provide them with good Wi-Fi equipment, bandwidth and support. In return, we have collected thousands of local entrepreneur data, allowing us to target a perfectly suited email campaign to local self-employed and small businesses. – Nick Clark, Common Office, Inc.

6. Organize creative workshops

We work in partnership with leading creators in Dallas to host workshops in our space, by giving them a platform but also by helping us to bring creatives to interact with our space. This spring, we are hiring a professional photographer to teach a lesson on lighting-related topics. – Doug Klembara, Studio TX

7. Use the scarcity tactic

To boost demand and brand awareness, we used the scarcity tactic. We have intentionally allowed demand to exceed supply. This has led customers to constantly request our products from retailers. In turn, the retailers called us. This was the “pull” sales strategy and it allowed us to operate in a leaner way and eliminate the need for a sales force. – Joël Malone, Bishop Cider Co. LLC

8. Organize start-up events

Over a decade ago our company started bringing entrepreneurs together on a monthly basis through the creation of the Dallas Happy Hour Startup. By organizing the events in our offices, we were able to meet new employees, partners and clients. As a result of these events, our team forged lasting relationships that helped us to grow our Business year after year. – Alexandre Muse, Sumo Ventures

9. Be active at events and in the community

As an entrepreneur, it is incredibly difficult to be absent from the management of the Business give back and contribute to your local community. I discovered that participating in local events, speeches and active networking within the Dallas The tech and startup community has not only been personally rewarding, but also positively reflects my company’s standing in the community. – Corey Egan, iLumi Solutions, Inc.