New report details local government finances – Conduit Street

The Department of Legislative Services this week released its annual financial report for the counties, incorporated municipalities, and special districts created by the State of Maryland for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2020. The information reasonably reflects the overall financial condition of the jurisdictions. Maryland locals. .

The data reflected in this report represents excerpts from Uniform Financial Reports submitted by counties, incorporated municipalities and special districts. The report also includes information submitted by the State Highway Administration, Maryland Department of Health, library boards, school boards and community colleges.

Here are some direct links to data relevant to the county:

Debt and Taxable Base Summaries

Statements of Income and Expenses

Analyzes of county accounts with school boards, community college boards, and library boards

Statement of Income and Expenses – Five-Year Summary

Average Annual Change – Five-Year Summary

Statement of Income and Expenses – Percentage of Total

Income and Expenditure Statements – Per Capita