MQM seeks support from the FPCCI on the local government bill

KARACHI: The MQM invited the Pakistan Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) to attend a joint session of Karachi political and economic actors on the Local Government Law (LG) of the Government of Sindh, a indicated a press release on Tuesday.

MQM moderator Khalid Maqbool Siddique, Federal Minister of Informatics and Telecommunications Amin-ul-Haq, Provincial Assembly member Jawed Hanif Khan visited the FPCCI, where Siddique briefed FPCCI officials on the changes made to the LG law for the gradual transfer of administrative powers from mayor and local government to the provincial government.

He said that FPCCI being the supreme body representing Pakistan’s trade, industry and service sector, should play an effective role in improving and amending LG law for better service delivery to different sub-sectors of the economy.

The FPCCI should be present on the board of governors and advisory boards to guide politicians on how better services can be provided to the business world in terms of the ease of doing business and helping business people to do business. have access to a favorable business environment.

Federal Minister Amin ul Haq, “As an elected member of the Karachi parliament with your votes, I am addressing issues related to the mini-budget measures, which negatively affect businessmen. “

He said that even though the MQM is a coalition partner, they cannot forget that they are elected by the votes of the people, adding that the MQM is representative of the people in the lower and upper houses.

He further informed that MQM had submitted its reservations on various issues regarding the increase in sales tax rates and the imposition of tax on specific computer products.

He further added that the party plans to interact with the FPCCI on enduring grounds regarding trade affecting matters dealt with by the federal government.

Provincial assembly member Jawed Hanif noted that Karachi deserves credit for a higher AfDB development allocation, which is currently limited to Rs 26 billion on project basis against Rs 1.5 trillion for AfDB.

The President of the FPCCI, responding to the invitation, said that the FPCCI considers it a positive approach on the part of the management of the MQM to recognize the organization as an important economic player.

Former FPCCI Vice President Engr MA Jabbar said better government is within reach in democratic societies, adding that functions and powers are delegated to local governance.

Former FPCCI Vice President Khurram Saeed, Vice President Hanif Lakhany, a social worker Shoukat Sulaiman Omerson who was elected Vice President, Karachi Coordinator Sultan Rehman, elected Vice President Haji Yaqoob and Vice -President-elect Jamal Ud Din Achakzai also attended the meeting.

Businessmen and elected officials, including city mayors, will work together to make a difference, as local government at the gate will be easier to approach, the meeting participant said.