Minister of Energy meets Unipet | Local company

UNIPET’s board met with Energy Minister Stuart Young last week to discuss matters relating to the development of the company.

In a press release, the ministry said the meeting focused on issues such as sustainability and adding value for stakeholders and customers.

Unipet CEO Dexter Riley commended the government’s national vision put forward by Young for the energy sector and renewables. Riley noted that, in line with the national vision, Unipet currently has three solar-powered charging stations located in Lady Hailes, San Fernando; Brentwood and Aranjuez and they have also started pulling some of their network off the grid.

Riley also expressed appreciation for the Minister’s efforts in terms of stakeholder engagement in the energy sector.

Energy Minister Young is committed to dialogue with Unipet and all energy stakeholders to ensure the sustainable supply, efficient use of energy and overall resilience of the energy sector.

Others present at the meeting were Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries Sandra Fraser, Chairman of Unipet Ltd Dr Afraz Ali and other members of the Unipet Board of Directors.