Maywood hires local company for waste hauling services

Lakeshore Recycling Systems trucks parked on the company’s Maywood property. The company, which last year acquired Roy Strohm, a longtime Maywood-based waste hauler, is now the village’s new waste collector. | File

Friday, March 18, 2022 || By Michel Romain || @maywoodnews

Roy Strohm, the waste disposal company at 1201 Greenwood Ave. in Maywood, has been based in the village for approximately six decades. From April 1, the company will finally be able to do business there.

Maywood’s board of directors decided to hire the local company for residential waste hauling services after a 5-year waste hauling contract with Republic Services expired.

Roy Strohm has been sold to Morton Grove-based Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) in January 2021. The merger with LRS ultimately allowed Roy Strohm to do business with Maywood, Maywood Mayor Nathaniel George Booker said. The village has entered into a five-year contract with LRS which runs from April to March 31, 2027.

“Lakeshore is right here in the village of Maywood,” Booker said during a March 1 meeting. “They had wanted to do business with Maywood for years, but at the time they weren’t big enough to do it. With their expansion and integration into Lakeshore, they now have the ability to provide full service to Maywood.”

Booker touted the benefits of switching to LRS, which he says include savings of around $100,000 a year, new trash carts, recycling containers “three times the size” of Republic’s, the program company e-waste and bulk pickup each week free of charge. additional costs, among other benefits.

“We would also have additional carts at $3 a month, where we currently pay $15 a month,” the mayor said. “They also gave us a portable toilet allowance of $3,000 a year and they will be sponsoring three different community events.”

Maywood Administrator Aaron Peppers, who co-chairs the board’s infrastructure and sustainability committee, welcomed the company’s presentation at a committee meeting in February.

“Their presentation was great,” Peppers said. “We’re going to save a lot of money in the village and we’re bringing back one of our own.”

“It’s important to realize that they pay taxes here,” administrator Antonio Sanchez said, adding that the company pays “a lot of money to be here.”

Last year, Booker said despite the acquisition, the Strom family is still active in the village. The company recently expanded its footprint by acquiring property south of the company’s offices on Greenwood Avenue, where First Student buses were parked.

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At the March 1 meeting, George Strohm, vice president of municipal services for LRS, said residents were now seeing red and blue trucks in the city – red being the color of Strohm trucks before the sale of the company and blue being the color of LRS trucks.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to speak in front of you and hope to be a long-term partner,” Strohm said. “I felt like the opportunity to provide residents with a larger recycling bin would be really helpful and provide the similar services of your surrounding municipalities.”

Administrator Isiah Brandon said he did not like the process by which the village secured LRS business, arguing that it “appeared to be behind closed doors. This council did not instruct to really go after a company. We had no dialogue about what we were going to do about it.

Both Booker and Peppers pushed back on Brandon’s claim, arguing that LRS’s vetting and evaluation process had been ongoing since the board learned in August that Republic’s contract was up for renewal.

Peppers said John West, the village’s director of public works, and finance staff were consulted, a public committee meeting was held at which LRS and Republic presented competing proposals, and all directors were given access. to the proposed contracts.

“As far as due diligence and doing it right behind Maywood’s house rule, we’ve done our due diligence,” Peppers said.

“Presentations have been made, they’ve gone through committees, we’ve been on tours, we’ve had transparent conversations with Republic and LRS,” Booker said, before adding that Brandon, as co-chair of the committee on accountability and transparency of government, has never voiced its concerns. before the March 1 meeting.

“Nobody on this forum except you and [Trustee Miguel] jones agenda [for that committee]”, Booker said. “So if you wanted it on your agenda, the only two people who would have made this happen are you two.”

As part of the transition to LRS, Maywood residents will see a change in service days, LRS officials said on the company’s website.

For more information on new service days and waste collection guidelines, visit

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