Lyon County Commissioners receive parking proposal from local merchants on Thursday

Photo by Tagan Trahoon/KVOE News

Lyon County Commissioners will consider a trio of proposals from a pair of local business owners following their recent action meeting on Thursday.

The submissions come from Jarom and Melanie Smith, owners of Justice Painting and Raise Your Paws in downtown Emporia. The proposals are for the use of county-owned space that currently houses Lyon County Area Transportation (LCAT) buses.

Melanie Smith says the extra space is needed due to the high volume of vehicles parking in the downtown corridor and the limited number of parking spaces available daily near businesses. The Smiths offer to either share the space with LCAT, purchase the space directly, or make the space available to the general public.

The commissioners considered the proposals without giving any timetable for when a decision will be made.

In other cases, the commissioners approved the payment of an invoice in the amount of $25,979 to Komtek Systems Corp. for county property tax notice mailing services. According to Lyon County Clerk Tammy Vopat, the price doubled due to inaccuracies in the original notices sent out last month through no fault of the county or Komtek.

Vopat says the cost of the bill should be reimbursed by the state, however, the county is still awaiting word on said reimbursement.

The departmental commission of Lyon will resume its ordinary meeting next Thursday at 9:00 a.m. in the hemicycle of the commission of the departmental court of Lyon.