Loclweb launches Loclmark to automate local marketing

Loclmark is a local marketing automation tool that saves small business owners hundreds of hours per year and expand their local marketing efforts.

Loclweb Launches Loclmark, The Local Marketing Automation Platform That Saves Small Business Owners Hundreds Of Hours Each Year And Extends Their Local Marketing Efforts.

People now find businesses by searching for them online, even locally. They also want to learn more about other people’s businesses through reviews, even if they’ve received a personal recommendation. That’s why we created a tool specifically for local small businesses. Loclmark helps small business owners save time and increase the effectiveness of their local marketing through local marketing automation. Our goal is to help more businesses reach their customers and build trust faster by automating redundant tasks that are better performed by automation.

Nick Leffler of Loclweb says, “Because small businesses depend so much on search engines for customers, local marketing automation is key to improving search engine rankings. “

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When a small business uses Loclmark, it will save time and increase the effectiveness of its local marketing. It is a more accurate way to synchronize business information on the internet and generate more reviews. A business owner can expect to save dozens of hours each month. Not only will business owners save time, but they will also generate more and better reviews than ever before. All parts of the review generation process, including follow-ups, are fully automated.

The new product has a dashboard where users can update their business information. This information is then transmitted to dozens of local business directories, making it easy to manage all business information from one place, ensuring accuracy and simplicity. It also allows users to create a single email or SMS campaign to generate reviews with follow-ups as well. The user just needs to enter the customer’s email address or text number and the entire review generation process is automated for the most important review location for your business. There are also automation processes for Google Business Profile posts as well as in-depth analytics for listings, reviews, and search rankings.

Loclmark is an all-in-one local marketing automation platform that, unlike other tools, only accomplishes one task and costs more money. It is a tool that makes it easy to manage absolutely everything for local marketing and improve every aspect of a local business marketing strategy.

Based in California, just outside of Sacramento, Loclweb is a local small business marketing agency that helps local small business owners have an impressive online presence that allows their business to market themselves to customers. ‘a greater number of clients looking in their region.

Loclweb makes it easier than ever to build a fast, managed business website that actually works and plans to create a streamlined local marketing strategy that helps small, local businesses without the burden of large expenses or non-performing services.

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