Local marketing consultant to facilitate marketing micro-courses

Marketing consultant Laura M. Cummins kicks off her series of marketing micro-courses, specially developed for small businesses, on Thursday, September 1, with “Marketing Strategies That Ignite Business Growth.”

The interactive segment is for small business owners and managers who want to end the last quarter of 2022 on a recovery.

As a former educator for three different international brands, Cummins enjoys sharing her knowledge on a variety of business topics, such as marketing, merchandising and retail. As owner of Nine Dotz Consulting, she works exclusively with small businesses to help them strategize and develop marketing plans that drive results. She avoids a cookie-cutter marketing approach since every company has a unique story to tell.

“Most small business owners and managers have to wear many hats when running a business, and unfortunately marketing is always at the bottom of the checklist. The information shared in my upcoming micro-courses will provide actionable tasks that will fit easily into people’s timelines and budgets,” Cummins said.

Cummins’ next micro-course will cover the key elements of effective marketing and tactics that are often overlooked. Participants will also participate in group discussions which will provide additional takeaways.

“I specifically developed this micro-course for small business owners and managers to equip them with the key pillars of marketing so they can develop strategies that they can customize to suit their business needs. Currently, we could all use a brand refresh, and this micro-course will inspire participants to update or create new marketing strategies with many benefits,” Cummins said.

This micro-course, which costs $30 per person, will be held online from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and pre-registration is required. To register, or to discover the other micro-trainings available, go to ninedotz.com.