Local marketing campaign underway at Airdrie

To encourage people to continue buying locally as businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Airdrie’s Economic Development Department has launched a new marketing campaign, titled Put Your Money Where It is your heart.

A new Airdrie Economic Development marketing campaign aims to get people to buy locally as businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Shauna Quinn, head of tourism development for the city of Airdrie, the Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is campaign – which will run until November 28 – intends to “capitalize on the emotional and sentimental connections” that residents have with the local Airdrie business community. . The ultimate goal, she said, is to stimulate the local economy, encourage conscious spending and create a sense of community pride.

“There is no doubt that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected our small business community, their owners and employers,” she said. “These businesses, restaurants and services are the foundation of our local economy and the backbone to relentlessly support our social, cultural and environmental well-being.

The Airdrie Chamber of Commerce (ACC) is partnering with Airdrie Economic Development to promote the campaign. ACC Executive Director Marilyne Aalhus said the campaign will focus on how local purchases contribute to the vitality and health of Airdrie’s economy.

“When you shop locally, you are contributing to a tax base, but you are also contributing to employment within our community so that your neighbors and family can work in and benefit from the community,” she said. declared. “We need to do it more than ever in these difficult times. “

According to Quinn, Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is kicked off in mid-July and will continue until the start of the Christmas shopping season in late November. At an Airdrie city council meeting on August 17, Quinn described the overlapping phases of the campaign.

The first phase, she said, runs from July 15 to September 10 and focuses on promoting awareness of the initiative among community members.

From September 1 to September 30, Quinn said the campaign will enter its engagement phase, also known as “Hearts of Airdrie”. Meanwhile, Airdrie residents are encouraged to post photos on social media showing what they care about about the city and tag local organizations and businesses.

“With this alignment, we have also provided additional reach to the Taste Airdrie dining program and ARTember cultural events, to raise awareness of everything that is happening in our community,” she said.

The campaign will then move into the action phase scheduled from September 26 to November 21. Quinn said this phase will include an eight-week competition that will further encourage local buying.

Each week, shoppers can upload photos of a receipt for a local item or service on social media to enter a raffle to win up to $ 500 for their purchase, Quinn said.

“Whether it’s your daily coffee run, installing winter tires, a kid’s sporting expenses or groceries, this reward and encouragement to support locals is helping to make this happen. awareness of where we buy, ”she said. “As 2020 draws closer to winter and consumers begin to think about the holiday season, the ideals of giving and sharing will emerge. “

With each weekly entry, Quinn has stated that both the buyer and the company he purchased from will be entered to win a grand prize.

For the buyer, the prize for the competition will include $ 5,000 in local business gift certificates, products and services, Quinn said, while the prize for a licensed and independent Airdrie business is a 10,000 local marketing package. $.

The grand prize draw will take place on November 28 on Small Store Saturday, a date that encourages local shopping. Shop Small Saturday is sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

According to Quinn, Airdrie Economic Development budgeted $ 50,000 for the campaign, which was reallocated from the 2020 Economic Development Budget from projects postponed due to COVID-19. The budget will fund campaign awards, marketing, business support and project management.

Scott Strasser, AirdrieToday.com
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