Local marketing agency gains national attention

Branden Bodendorfer, TriMedia, presented at TODAY SHOW

The local marketing team promotes the Marshfield area nationally

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) This summer, TriMedia, owner of OnFocus, provided content marketing services for the Kobussen Bus company in Marshfield. The campaign promoted an open house for hiring. Kobussen is not the only one looking for school bus drivers.

This morning, NBC’s TODAY show featured some of the coverage of TriMedia LIVE as part of its coverage of the national shortage of bus drivers.

TriMedia is a local marketing agency that helps businesses be found locally and discovered online.

“We started TriMedia in 2010 because I knew then the time would come when our community would depend on the Internet to grow and thrive,” said Branden Bodendorfer, Founder of TriMedia. “This time is becoming more and more important every day.”

In 2017, TriMedia launched OnFocus, the region’s largest and most followed source for local sports, community and business news.

“When we launched OnFocus, our goal was simple: to provide a space where businesses in our community could have a voice amidst all the noise of national and global competition. We wanted to introduce MARSHFIELD and the region, because that’s what WE are, ”Bodendorfer said.

This is not the first time that TriMedia’s content has been presented on a large network. In recent years, content published by TriMedia has been broadcast on all major networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN and even sports coverage on EPSN. Additionally, OnFocus’s coverage of local events was shared by WSAU, WAOW, WEAU and WJFW.

“I thought if we put our talents into promoting our community, others would notice it and put their resources into creating great content about our community. And it works. Over the past three years, I have seen the news from the community of Marshfield many times. Look at the coverage that Marshfield gets on local TV stations compared to our neighbors like Stevens Point, ”Bodendorfer said.

TriMedia’s content has not only garnered national attention and raised local awareness, the quality content has spurred online opportunities. Recent quality scores show that when TriMedia partners with a local company for content marketing, that company ranks higher in online searches.

“Marketing is a community effort. Many companies we work with have their own teams. We enjoy working with other agencies and employees that we promote, ”said Bodendorfer. “Our team provides talent that is not something you can replicate on your own. We have an audience, we are local, and we genuinely care not only about your success, but our success as a community as well.

In recent years, TriMedia’s coverage has expanded to Medford, Spencer, Stratford, Wisconsin Rapids, Neillsville, and everywhere in between.

“In July, we started something new. We took the whole month and promoted stories from Pittsville. These stories had some of our greatest reach, ”said Bodendorfer. “And we’re excited to announce that in September OnFocus will be covering Spencer as a Featured Community. I believe all tides are rising together, and I personally want the Marshfield area to be known as a place of opportunity.

Local businesses are already seeing the benefits of using TriMedia for content creation, website development, Google listings, management, and advertising.

“Without a dedicated marketing department, our use of marketing was very limited and based on 20e century. Our partnership with TriMedia has updated our strategy to seize the available digital marketing opportunities, ”said David Murphy, president of the Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union. This has allowed us to develop a stronger presence online, which means our credit union will appear when people search for financial products or ask questions about financial matters. Our goal is to become the financial expert of central Wisconsin, and leveraging SEO within our website and strengthening our digital presence achieves this goal.

“We’ve been using TriMedia for a few years now, and they’ve taken our website and social media to levels we couldn’t have on our own,” said Nick Arnoldy, CEO of Marshfield Insurance. “I highly recommend them to anyone looking to expand their presence online and in the media. Since we hired them, our content has reached a lot more people than it would have on our own. “

“Businesses have to work together to grow,” Bodendorfer added. “Our services go beyond promoting local businesses; We strive to promote the positive experiences that take place in the classroom, the success of field sports teams and the awareness of community organizations. It’s all part of the model we have to educate our community. When an individual applies for a job, the family questions the community. Our community coverage highlights the opportunities families have in the rural Midwest. “

If you would like to know more about TriMedia’s services or how you can become a partner in promoting the community, send an email to TriMedia at [email protected]