Local community revitalization team doubles in size and increases efforts

With two years of the pandemic practically in our rear-view mirrors, the Portage Community Revitalization Corporation has seen growth and a lot of activity.

Executive Director Victoria Espey says they have really been successful in supporting our community in a number of ways.

“One of them being the host of the Urban Native Immunization Clinic, which is still operating to this day,” Espey said. “Just being able to provide this support to our community, access to vaccines and create a culturally safe environment for our urban Indigenous peoples in this community was just a huge honor. “

She explains that their programs are working quite well, including their direct service program.

“Wawokiya continued to support people. Our Reaching Home program continued to support people, and even with the shelter closed, the Reaching Home team placed 10 people in permanent housing. So it’s a huge success. . “

Espey notes that their Ask Auntie project started this year and has proven to be a wonderful resource for people. She says Robbie Longclaws is well liked by the people she works with and has been a huge asset to their team.

“I couldn’t ask for a better team, and they really care about the community. The work they do clearly shows that they care,” Espey continues. “We have 21 employees here at PCRC. Our team has doubled in size again, but that’s really a trend over the past five years: doubling our programming and doubling our staff component. So it’s a full house. “

She adds that they are all ready to meet the needs of the community at any time and have wonderful partnerships with the local business community, municipal government and all of our non-profit partners in Portage.

“We always say that we don’t do anything alone,” says Espey. “We always identify our community partners on the things we do in the projects we undertake, and we couldn’t do this work without the support of the community behind us. So, with all of our hearts, we really want to thank you. and happy holidays to all. “