Local community impressed with traditional Chinese medicine

Almost three decades after its establishment, the Regional Mediterranean Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine (MRCTCM) in Paola has provided the people of Malta with an alternative medical system to treat pain and illness. The breathtaking results enjoyed by many patients have earned him a solid reputation that deserves to be highlighted.

Diplomatic relations between Malta and China date back to 1972, with cooperation in the medical field really taking shape in 1994, when the MRCTCM was created. Over the years, acupuncture clinics have also been introduced at Mater Dei Hospital and Gozo General Hospital to meet the needs of a wider audience of patients.

So far, the MRCTCM has hosted a total of 17 medical teams deployed to Malta by the Chinese government. The teams, which change every year, are made up of the best TCM professionals and provide first-class medical service to the local community. Leading the active team for the current term is the well-known and popular Dr. Chen Weifeng.

To date, these doctors have treated nearly 220,000 patients in Malta. This impressive number includes local Maltese, resident foreigners and even members of the Chinese community living in Malta. Additionally, over the past 29 years, patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and no negative feedback has ever been received after treatment. Needless to say, such a reputation has greatly expanded the influence of TCM in Malta.

The MRCTCM offers a variety of physical therapies including acupuncture, massage, cupping, cervical and pelvic traction, and auricular acupressure. For anyone with a fear of needles, Dr. Chen recommends acupressure massage as a good alternative for pain relief, although he admits that acupuncture gives faster results. He adds that acupuncture is also very effective in helping people lose weight faster, noting that obesity is a common problem among the Maltese.

These therapies are used to treat a multitude of health conditions – ranging from conditions such as arthritis of the neck, herniated disc, and neck, shoulder, leg and lower back pain – to others such as insomnia, allergic dermatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infections, functional constipation, irregular menstruation and many more. As Dr. Chen explains, “Our treatments treat most diseases that people face on a daily basis.” The list even covers mental and emotional issues like depression and anxiety, which he treats with traditional Chinese medicine techniques.

Dr. Chen shares how one of his recent patients – a woman in her 30s – underwent a complete transformation after just three sessions of acupuncture, breathing exercises and other methods he used to heal. help cope with debilitating anxiety and fatigue. The patient, who also suffered from poor quality sleep, had had her fill of medication in the past. Nothing had ever worked – if anything, the side effects of the drugs had only made it worse and she had lost her zest for life.

“Our treatment worked really well,” Dr. Chen shares, recounting how she went from feeling hopeless and depressed to blossoming with confidence and newfound energy.

Dr. Chen recognizes that regardless of the medical system in which they are trained, the goal of all doctors is the same: to help solve the health problems of their patients. Likewise, all a patient really cares about is the outcome of their treatment, regardless of their medical history and the therapies they have used in the past.

With this in mind, Dr. Chen encourages people to consider TCM on their journey to better health. He states that: “TCM offers patients very safe, simple and very effective therapies that give excellent results. Although the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the symptoms of the patients, a session generally lasts 30 to 45 minutes and many problems are resolved in one to three sessions. With no side effects to worry about, acupuncture is even safe for children.

Given such a promising track record, there’s clearly nothing to lose by trying TCM. As Dr. Chen points out, the proof of the pudding lies in eating it.

Anyone interested in learning more about TCM and the services offered by the MRCTCM can get in touch through the Centre’s website at https://mrctcm.mt/ or through its Facebook page at https://www.facebook. com/MRCTCM/.

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