Local Chambers of Commerce Announce New ‘Buy Local’ Marketing Initiative

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Five Wellington County Chambers of Commerce have joined forces on a new “boutique local” marketing initiative to promote the importance of supporting businesses in the region.

On October 4, the Chambers of Center Wellington, Arthur, Mapleton, Mount Forest and Minto announced the launch of the new “Live, Love, Shop Local” initiative, which will roll out over the next five months.

Chambers are also partnering with as many Business Improvement Zones (BIAs) and municipalities as possible to amplify their message.

“The idea behind this is that we currently have partners all over the county, be it other chambers, BIAs, municipalities and businesses, who try to keep ‘shop local’ in mind but work on their own. on their own content, “said Sally Litchfield, Executive Director of the Wellington Center Chamber of Commerce (CWCC).

“It would be nice if we all had a library of content to share so that consumers and the general public see snippets of posts, the same post across multiple platforms, so we can amplify that reach. “

County Chambers have received more than $ 90,000 as part of the federal government’s strategic business program to develop the local shopping initiative.

The grant is intended to create and strengthen local shopping programs across the province.

Litchfield said the grant had to be spent by Jan.31.

“It’s a short window. It’s also a showcase filled with vacations and different pieces, so it’s great to support the locals and shop local right now, so it’s a good showcase in that sense, ”she explained.

“But we also want to support businesses during some of their quieter months, so we hope to expand the program with other community supports beyond. [Jan. 31]. “

In response to the pandemic and knowing that local businesses need the continued support of the community, “the initiative will focus on highlighting local businesses and how they have adapted to the new pandemic restrictions – and also of how they have adapted to the new way consumers shop, ”a CWCC press release dated Oct. 4 reads.

Litchfield said the program itself will include four toolkits and that the organizers seek to make it “as easy as possible for as many partners as possible to promote this essence of local shopping.”

The project will focus on a multi-medium approach and include engagement through social media, radio, print and video to engage consumers and encourage them to buy locally.

“It’s our turn to give back to them and we can do that just by supporting the local, which can be as simple as liking the content on their social media, shopping in their stores, using their services, leave a Google review, share their content, ”Litchfield noted.

“They are here, they need support, and almost everything you could possibly need is here in Wellington County. You just have to remember to look here first.

She added that an important part of the program is reminding people that businesses are open.

“Buying local and supporting local is always important; it’s always been important, but I think COVID has made it clear that these companies have weathered the giant storm of the past 18 months.

“Now is the time for the community to rally around these companies that do so much for our community, that give back to our community. “

The CWCC is currently looking for companies or organizations within the Wellington Center to highlight during their part of this project through video profiles and blogging.

CWCC is looking for businesses or organizations that can share a unique or interesting story with the community. Business owners who wish to be considered can visit cwchamber.blitzen.com/form/shoplocalprofiles to complete the form.

Central Wellington businesses are also invited to participate in a free county-wide local coupon post, which will be released in January.

The initiative will feature thematic mini-campaigns, which will include content that community partners can share through their communication channels.

Businesses are also encouraged to use this content on their platforms, as well as access print material and more.