Local businesses team up with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank for a day of volunteering | Community

Williamsport, Pennsylvania – Labels by Pulizzi, a local commercial printer, has partnered with its Wahoo Drive neighbors, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, to host a volunteer day where Labels employees work to pack 400 boxes a day for food bank seniors. program.

Label owners, Williamsport board member Vince Pulizzi and his wife Selina Pulizzi, both said they wanted to hold the event because they saw the economic hardship many families were facing and wanted to help.

Labels from Pulizzi owner Vince Pulizzi on boxes of strips at the Central Food Bank of Pennsylvania.

“There’s a lot going on in the economy right now; there are a lot of people in need,” Selina said. “And the food bank is our neighbours. So why not help?

Vince added that the conversation between the food bank and the Pulizzis started when the food bank showed up and opened up lines of communication.

“We were talking about the difficulties that communities across the country and around the world are facing right now, just trying to pay for normal everyday things,” Vince said.

Labels’ staff of 28 were split into two groups – a morning group and an afternoon group – who would each be responsible for packing 200 boxes each.

The group with the fewest errors during packing would then receive tickets to a Williamsport Crosscutters game and a $20 voucher to spend at the stadium.

food bank boxes

Boxes packed by the morning team of volunteers.

All packaging must meet specific requirements, as the food bank is a federal program. Conditions include no dented boxes, no boxes with missing labels, and each package must weigh 31 pounds. As required by the federal government, all cans dispensed must also be accounted for.

Vince said the label staff were “excited to come” to the food bank and help.

The Pulizzi’s also hosted a lunchtime barbecue so the two staff members could get to know each other. They had cornhole parties and a rep from Weber Grill volunteered his time at the grill.

Northern Tier food bank manager Travis Berg said it was a great way to introduce staff.

“We thought [the event] was an amazing idea, that we could meet our neighbors and continue to engage with the community,” Berg said. “It’s like a little get-together to meet our neighbors, because we haven’t really had a get-together during the pandemic.”

The Williamsport branch of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank provides food to more than a thousand partner agencies in the 13 counties they serve. Twenty-two of these partners are located in the northern part. The food bank serves more than 152,000 people between the two Healthy Food Hubs, located in Harrisburg and Williamsport.

Those interested in volunteering at the food bank can do so here.

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