Local businesses take a step forward in creating change

Umbrella Management Group (UMG) chief executive Martin Dean said his institution is currently engaging some local bakery operators to create change for bakeries nationwide.

Speaking to reporters at his office, the managing director noted that his company is in Liberia to give hope to bakery owners regarding the improvement of the sector towards a modern and standard form in the country.

He said it is time for the industry to move to another level, taking into account that it deals with the public when it comes to food production.

Martin Dean said the rise in illnesses is due to poorly run commercial facilities like the one run by bakery owners.

“It is time to change the dynamic. A lot of the diseases we get are from the food we eat,” he said.

Speaking further, the UMG manager said he is currently working with a group of bakery owners around Monrovia, with the goal of improving and setting a standard for others to follow.

Mr. Dean at the same time calls on the government to intervene in the process of regulating bakeries across Liberia in hopes of unifying the sector in terms of changing the dynamics.

The Liberian entrepreneur is encouraging business owners in the bakery sector to embrace his idea for change and work collectively to improve facilities at various bakeries across the country.

He said his project is in no way trying to control the operation of the bakery association as it is perceived by some members of the association, but only aims to improve the system.

“Not everything we do is for personal glory, but to elevate the baking industry,” Dean noted.

He called on bakery owners to work together to improve the system, taking into account that they are in Liberia to stay and make a difference.