Local Business Owner Gives Back to Community by Retrieving Shopping Carts from the Creek – North Island Gazette

Port Hardy business owner Tristan Radzik decided to take action when he saw seven shopping carts submerged in a stream near the local high school.

When asked how he discovered the carts, Radzik said he first noticed them about two weeks ago on a family walk, then saw them again on Sunday, March 20.

“It was a thought in my mind that I couldn’t shake, and a conversation in my house happened several times about it,” Radzik noted, adding that he also left a message on the carts at the office. of public works, but ultimately decided that he would “act on the spot that day and not wait for things to be settled”.

On the morning of March 25, Radzik had a feeling that the carts were still in the creek, and his concerns turned out to be true, as they were still submerged in water.

“Once I saw them, I jumped into action,” he said.

Altogether, the seven carts took him nearly an hour to free himself from the creek and up the bank to the street, as each cart was tangled in branches and the water was about three to four feet deep.

“I used a rope to help me down and back up because the bank was about 10 feet high and very steep,” he said. “I rolled the carts end to end down the slope while holding the rope with one hand.”

Radzik said no one helped him because it was an impulsive decision.

“The only help I wanted was the rope I found a month ago on the side of the road while at the airport beach with my family on one of our walks.”

As for the carts, they are now back with Save On Foods.

“I waited for someone to come and grab them,” Radzik confirmed. “I was afraid that they would end up in [the creek].”

Above all, Radzik wanted to say that the Port Hardy community has “been there for my family and supported our store for the past three years, so helping the community comes naturally to me and I’m glad I have the tools to finish the job.”

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