Local business fraternity angered by load shedding

POLOKWANE – He is upset with how some macro companies, which were able to adapt through the purchase and expansion of fuel generators before, have now come under a lot of pressure, due to an economy even tighter.

“It is very difficult to attract investors for an idea when we have power cuts time and time again.”

On July 25, President Cyril Ramaphosa presented measures to deal with load reduction to increase electricity capacity, however, Jeleni said it was unacceptable for load shedding to return almost immediately after the speech of the President.

“We have seen the country revert to load shedding without any explanation. A mall may not be able to supply all stores through alternative measures, and this prevents them from operating normally,” he continued.

Jeleni leaves Polokwane Observer on the difficulties encountered by small businesses, which have no investors at all.

“Having to hire employees, buy stocks and trade them, only to lose them due to a lack of electricity brings us back as a business community. It’s demotivating,” he added.

The chamber speaker mentioned the challenge of how most small businesses are unable to adapt to using fuel generators or solar power to keep themselves afloat due to lack of money.

“For a small business to spend money, it needs to have the assurance that it will get it back.”

He said small businesses were wary of buying alternative power sources due to uncertainty over the duration of load shedding in South Africa.

Additionally, Jeleni said the government should be aware of how small businesses are supported by macro businesses such as supermarkets. He pleaded with the government to consider electricity curtailment as a form of disaster for small businesses in particular. “That should help with some form of compensation or even investing a bit more in small business ideas.”

Local businesswoman Mokgadi Phetha has shared the thing she struggles with the most when shedding at her beauty salon in town. “It is difficult for me to work when there are power cuts because I need hot water to clean myself. I end up rescheduling appointments and would have lost time, or it’s just a situation where clients cancel their appointments and I lose money anyway.

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