LETTER: Local government “is in pretty good shape”

Reader Konrad Brenner disagrees with recent letter that was far from complimentary to politicians

OrilliaMatters accepts letters to the editor ([email protected]). The following letter from Konrad Brenner is in response to a letter published on December 17, titled ‘Sstigma of well-deserved mistrust of politicians. ‘

A recent issue contained a letter written by Ray Kopylciv that is not too complimentary about politicians. My experience with provincial and federal government politicians is limited.

However, over the past half century, I have drunk a lot of coffee and sometimes wine with local politicians and kept chairs warm for over 500 council meetings or the like. (I have never looked for a political post myself) Based on this experience, I do not agree with Mr Kopylciv’s assessment.

I met council members who were socialists and others who supported the capital system, some were flexible and others were true to their beliefs. However, they all tried to achieve what they thought was best for the community.

Many naturally made their decision from the point of view of their social philosophy which may or may not have satisfied other people. In addition to standing up for their principles, all board members, who hope to be re-elected, value the votes lost or won in every decision they make, which is democracy.

I suggest that the local government is in fairly good shape and that the distrust of local politicians, which is frequently expressed, is largely unwarranted.

Konrad brenner