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The La Plata Police Department honors local community difference makers during the BlackHistoryMonth: LPPD Honors Mr. Mike Moses.

Mr. Moses served in the United States Navy, USS John F. Kennedy CAV 67 during the era of the Vietnam and Eastern Mediterranean Crisis (Broken Arrow).

Mr. Moses retired after (41 years) of service (computer specialist/Microsoft) from the federal government and today maintains an active role throughout the Southern County of Maryland as an officer and veterans advocate .

Currently, Mr. Moses is an active life member of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Disable American Veterans (DAV) and National Association for Black Veterans (NABVETS) and American Legion; all as a Veterans Services Officer (VSO) and former President of the College of Southern Veterans Organization (CSM). Mr. Moses performs weekly VSO duties at the Prince Georges County Veterinary Center, ReMax Building, Tri-County area and Southern Maryland Center for Independent Living.

As Past President of the CSM Veterans Organization, Moses was instrumental in establishing the Veterans Lounge (2015), La Plata, MD campus, combined with Veterans Development courses (maths, English and criminology) for veterans to be instructed by veteran CSM instructors. .

Mr. Moses was elected to serve on the World War I Commission (2016-2019) by Governor Larry Hogan because of his historical studies of veterans and his presentations involving the participation of local veterans from all three counties during the War of 1812. Also, he was chosen by the Congressman. Office of Steny Hoyer to serve on the U.S. Service (Naval, Army, Air Force, Merchant, and Marines) Showcase Academy Annual Review Board since 2012 to present.

As Commander, Southern Maryland NABVETS Chapter #96 since 2013, Moses affirms a working partnership with Charles County Workforce Development, Southern Maryland Independent Living, Lifestyles, Three Oaks, Battle Buddies, Hospice, Help You Too, Tri-County Council and many other organizations. throughout southern Maryland.

This paved the way for sharing awareness of the veteran community with the following activities as a volunteer:

  • Operation Pledge to Vets Conference
  • Andrews Air Force Base Joint Summit Career Fair
  • Defense Force Forum on Maryland Legislation (National Port)
  • Annual Triple Nickle’s 555/Tuskegee Airman Ceremony
  • Annual Buffalo Soldier Ball
  • Maryland Wounded Warriors Assembly and Workshop
  • Energy Veterans Career Fair
  • Quarterly meeting of the Tri-County Veterans Council
  • TEDCO” BWI Linthicum MD Airport Veterans Seminar
  • Annual Lifestyles, Changing Point for Homeless Veterans
  • Annual Winter Haven for Homeless Veterans (DC, Virginia, Maryland)
  • College of Southern Maryland Veterans Transition Center
  • Annual DAV Demarr Chapter Legislation President Southern MD
  • NAACP, Charles County Branch

As one of the original board members of the Veterans Memorial Museum located in the former Glasva Elementary School, Newburg, MD, Mr. Moses assisted the non-profit organization Help You Too with grants from the museum which provided the supplies for the carpentry, the electricity and the demolition of the walls, floors and ceilings of the room.

Mr. Moses was later elected second vice-president and chairman of the museum’s multimedia committee. He works with multimedia which offered him his own talk show “Vet Talks” and the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Annapolis Film Festival because of his documentary about the opening of the Charles County Veterans Memorial Museum.

Recently, Mr. Moses was elected Commander of the NABVets Maryland State Command Council (Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina and Baltimore) and Vice Chairman of the State of Maryland NAACP Arm Service Committee.

Currently, Mr. Moses is working on several documentaries such as The Participation of African American Soldiers: War 1812, Triple Nickle’s (555), World War I and the Charles County (1917) Negro Baseball Leagues. Recently, Moses’ research on discoveries from the War of 1812 brought him to the Veteran’s Memorial Museum for public display.

Mr. Moses is a true community difference maker. Members of the LPPD salute Mr. Moses during the #BlackHistoryMonth.

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