IRSP members will remain ‘on the ground’ in the local community in response to ‘sinister activity’

Fermanagh members of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) said they would continue to ‘be on the ground in the community’ after helping residents of Enniskillen highlight incidents of ‘anti-social and sinister activity’ .

A post on their Facebook page said the party’s Fermanagh Cumann joined residents of the Windmill Heights area of ​​Enniskillen on January 7, regarding recent suspicious activity in the area involving alleged attempted break-ins.

“This involved a group of individuals entering the area, one knocking on doors awaiting a response while others lurk out of sight. This would suggest they were attempting to enter homes for a purpose. disasters,” the message read.

“This activity, like other such actions, can only be solved in the long term if the community takes care of itself.

“The PSNI does not care about working class communities, which puts us at even greater risk of being victimized by anti-social elements.

“The IRSP is happy to work with the people of this region to ensure that members of working communities, especially the elderly, sick or vulnerable, are protected.

“If anyone would like more information on this or have any information to offer, they can contact IRSP Fermanagh on Facebook. We have more details of the vehicles and people involved for those affected.

“Going forward, we will be on the ground in the community to make sure this matter is resolved.”

When contacted by this newspaper to clarify whether by saying that the community can only solve these problems themselves, and that there is no trust in the police, that they are encouraging people to justice themselves and to find out what would happen to these suspects if caught, an IRSP member said, “Community empowerment and restorative justice are widely accepted ways to address these issues.

“In fact, many governments – including the UK government – ​​are pouring money into such projects. If you don’t have the basic knowledge on this and think that community empowerment is somehow related to “vigilantism”, then I pity the close rapport that will follow.

Police confirmed they were investigating a report of suspicious activity in the Windmill Heights area of ​​Enniskillen, but did not comment on the IRSP’s Facebook post.

Inspector Hicks said: ‘We received a report that between 3 and 4 p.m. on Monday January 3, three men and a woman, traveling in two cars, pulled up outside the home of an older resident.

“The men stood at the side of the house, while the woman approached the door. It is believed that they are not known to the resident.

“Our investigations are ongoing to determine if there was anything untoward in this approach.

“We take all reports made to the police very seriously, and I urge anyone who notices suspicious activity or is the victim of criminal activity to contact us so that we can continue to keep local communities safe.

“We can be contacted via 101, or 999 in an emergency.

“A report can also be submitted online using our non-urgent report form, via

“You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or online at”