Historic $12 million investment in local not-for-profit community organizations

County Executive Ball also included nearly $1.5 million for the plan to end homelessness – the biggest increase in 5 years. This additional support will help expand outreach and sheltering operations for Howard County’s homeless population. Additionally, funding for the Human Services Transportation program was increased by $50,000, improving access for adults with disabilities to health care, employment and social services.

“These CSP grants not only provide vital support to our local nonprofit partners, to help meet the basic needs of our residents,” said Jackie Scott, Director of the Department of Community Resources and Services. “They also create opportunities for these individuals and their families to have a better quality of life and to thrive and live with dignity.”

“Nonprofits are businesses, and we’re seeing the same cost increases and competition for skilled employees,” said Joan Driessen, executive director of the Association of Community Services. “Our county must continue to invest in our nonprofit organizations to keep them strong and responsive. My sincere thanks to all of you here today who are committed to ensuring the well-being of everyone in this incredible community.

“Through the use of PCS funds and CAC’s no false door approach, CAC had a TOTAL of 50,685 points of service with citizens in need between July 2021 and the end of May 2022,” Tracy said. . Broccoli, Chairman of the Community Action Council. “The community service partnership allows CAC to serve as many of our Howard County neighbors as possible – and for that we are grateful.”

“During the past fiscal year, Grassroots served 499 people in its shelter programs and 837 people at the Grassroots Day Resource Center. Our advisors answered 58,429 calls on the direct line, and provided 2,324 face-to-face counseling sessions. The Mobile Crisis Response Team provided 1,023 community responses and 502 clients were enrolled in the Substance Abuse Crisis Stabilization Program,” said Dr Mariana. Izraelson, executive director of Grassroots. “Without the support of a compassionate County Executive and his team of caring professionals, Grassroots would not have been able to provide these essential crisis response services.”

“Without CSP and the support of Dr. Ball and his team, Luminous and non-profit organizations as if it would be a mix of instruments before a concert – out of sync and out of tune – but thanks to the support of CSP, we can support the residents of Howard County To sound like an orchestra. Thank you Dr. Ball and Howard County,” said Luminous Executive Director/CEO Mike Mitchell.

“Bridges is grateful for the county support we receive that allows us to help homeless households find and maintain stable housing,” said Jen Broderick, executive director of Bridges to Housing Stability. “We are working with other community organizations to ensure that homelessness in Howard County is rare, brief and non-recurring.”

“We are very grateful for the funding and support from CSP to help us provide services, without these funds we would not be able to provide these services to the over 4,000 people we served last year,” said the acting executive director of hopeworks Elizabeth Olds.

“The CSP County Grant is a critical source of funding for Arc of Howard County as it allows us to meet the diverse transportation needs of more than 200 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said the executive director of the Bow of Howard County, Cindy Parr. “We are extremely grateful to Howard County Executive Calvin Ball and the County Council for their support of our agency and the people we serve. throughout the Community of Howard County.

“The Autism Society is grateful for the Howard County government’s continued support throughout the pandemic,” said Melissa Rosenberg, executive director of the Howard County Autism Society. “Over the past two years, we have almost doubled the number of people we have helped and already this year we have seen a 40% increase in the number of requests for help. Clearly, the need continues and county leadership is a critical partner in ensuring we can appropriately serve autistic residents of all ages and their families. »

“Howard County strategically invests in a diverse group of nonprofit organizations that provide essential services to its residents through its CSP grant program,” said Sue Ann. Shafley, Executive Director, Camp Attaway. “In doing so, innovative nonprofits receive funding, which enables them to provide essential services that ensure the needs of Howard County residents are met where they are. Without this PSC funding, Camp Attaway would not be able to provide its therapeutic summer camp and mental health services that Howard County parents who have a child with complex special needs rely on.

“NAMIHC provides education, advocacy and support to individuals and families impacted by mental illness. Our programs are all free,” said NAMI-Howard County Board Member Mary Nalepa. “Without this essential grant, we would not be able to offer the range of mental health programs that we offer – or we would have to charge for it. NAMIHC is very grateful for the county’s support. »

“Operational funding from the Community Service Partnership Grant Program is essential to the day-to-day operation of Neighbor Ride and so many of our great community nonprofits serving our residents every day,” said Bruce Fulton, general manager of Neighbor Ride. .

“This grant will go a long way toward empowering the East Indian community and integrating them into the broader society in which we live,” Pravin said. Ponnuri, Founder, Indian Origin Network. “This grant is a recognition of the contributions of the East Indian community by the county, and the acceptance of the culture and values ​​they bring to the county.”

“Community Service Partnership grants are essential for Rebuilding Together Howard County,” said Ann Heavner, executive director of Rebuilding Together Howard County. Together, we would be able to grow our program and meet the needs of low-income Howard County homeowners in need. Special thanks to Dr. Calvin Ball, Howard County Council and Jackie Scott and his team at the Department of Community Resources and Services. Thank you for this funding!”

“This grant will have a huge impact on our next major Korean festival in Maryland to be held in September. 23rd and 24th. During the Korean Festival of Maryland, our goal is to spread the values ​​and beauty of Korean cultures in our community,” said Korean Society of Maryland President Helen Won. “We are preparing and excited for the event and hope that everyone from all walks of life will come to enjoy Korean food, music and learn about Korean culture. Thank you to our Howard County Executive for providing funding to KSM to assist our organization as it strives its best to have a positive impact on society.

“The Chinese American Parent Association (CAPA) has received support for our Achieve Success Together program and this year we will also be hosting a bonding program for our Chinese elders,” said Jodie Wang, former president of CAPA. “During this pandemic it has been difficult, but we are here for Howard County. Serving our community is very important to us and we would like to thank County Executive Ball for supporting this great work. »

“Springboard Community Services is thrilled to continue to work in partnership with the Howard County government to provide life-changing behavioral health, case management and housing services for the most vulnerable in the community,” said FT Burden. , CEO of Springboard Community Services. “Our reach and impact have grown under the leadership of County Executive Ball and his results-driven team.”

“The Howard County Veterans Foundation, Inc. is honored by the continued support of the county executive, county council and the Department of Community Resources and Services,” said Robert Gillette, chairman of the Howard County Veterans Foundation. “We look forward to working with each of them and all of our community partners as we continue our efforts to bring the Howard County Veterans and Military Families Monument to life.”

“Since that first case, Howard County has been committed to the fight against human trafficking and helping survivors get their lives back,” said Amanda Rodriquez, Executive Director of Turnaround. “We are privileged to be a dedicated partner in Howard County’s fight against human trafficking. and we are grateful for the opportunity to advocate and empower survivors.”

“Since 2020, support from the County Executive’s Office has enabled VolunTeens‘student members to help the community through dozens of activities and develop their leadership and skills,’ said Jason Zhao of VolunTeens.