Guilford County invites local business leaders to disparities study meeting

When the Guilford County Board of Commissioners met last month in High Point, the commissioners made a strong point that the county is not doing well at all when it comes to hiring businesses owned by minorities and women for the county. projects.

The county is currently conducting a disparities study that is supposed to help in this regard, and the county is now seeking input from local business leaders.

To that end, Guilford County is asking all interested area businesses to participate in a virtual town hall meeting next month on Tuesday, June 7, from 6-7:30 p.m. Those conducting the study hope to hear feedback. respecting Guilford County Government and the County. MWBE awareness.

The Guilford County Purchasing Department and county officials who are dedicated to increasing the number of MWBE participants are constantly doing their best to ensure that minority and women-owned businesses are aware of the tendered projects. However, in most cases, the county is legally bound to go with the company with the lowest bid as long as that company is able to do the job.

The meeting will be an opportunity for minority and women-owned business leaders in Guilford County to share their experiences when it comes to trying to do business with or doing business with the county. .

The Guilford County government hired Griffin & Strong – an Atlanta-based law and public policy consulting firm – to conduct the disparities study and determine the effectiveness of current efforts and recommend changes in the behavior of the county, if necessary, as long as such changes are in accordance with state law.

One of the objectives of the disparities study is to determine “whether there are inequities in public procurement and contracting processes that negatively affect disadvantaged/minority and/or women businesses” .

Another goal is to “recommend programmatic solutions that can address any identified underutilization and reduce barriers that impede the contractual participation of minority and women-owned businesses (MWBEs).”

Those looking for more information – or those wishing to comment on the subject – can email Griffin & Strong at [email protected]