Gordon Borrell Joins Business Matters to Discuss Local Marketing

Gordon Borrell joined NowMedia Group’s Business Matters webinar series to provide an incredibly insightful forecast of COVID-19 trends while assessing the tourism industry among many in what was a brilliant, comedic, and at times conversation. controversial.

For anyone who doesn’t know Gordon Borrell, his authority is that no one consumes and analyzes data more than he and his team at Borrell Partners. They don’t track consumer spending, although they do, they focus on business ad spending trends.

These trends have become the focal point of this local marketing-themed webinar and that’s why it’s a must-have for any business owner, marketer, or anyone curious about the future of commerce.

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<p dir=Contrary to what you might think would happen during a crisis, Borrell Associates has statistical data to prove that businesses are increasing their ad spend.

At the start of the webinar, Gordon reflects on his experience in advertising through multiple recessions, examined the COVID-19 GDP trendline, and predicts a springy response.

Consumer behavior indicates people are going crazy and as business owners continue to pivot towards COVID-19 compliance, summer is on the horizon. And when the time comes, people and businesses, currently under tremendous economic pressure, will quickly embrace the new normal. Gordon predicts that when that happens, it will be a very rapid comeback of outdoor, print, radio and of course digital advertising.

Gordon adds at this point by referring to a Harvard corporate review story from a few weeks ago that predicted a faster-than-normal comeback and how controversial that opinion is.

With more in-depth tips for staying on top of your ad spend, you must be asking yourself why now is the time to steal customers from your competition. It sounds controversial, but it’s true, whether it’s you or your competition that’s crippled, now is the time to advertise and plan for your future.

Watch and listen to the wisdom of Gordon Borrell in this intriguing video below:

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