Good causes in Wolverhampton are invited to apply for a local community fund

The Local Community Fund continues to support local organizations

Over the past six years, the Co-op has supported 168 local causes in Wolverhampton and from May 3 local groups can once again apply for funding.

The fund continues to support local organizations involved in providing access to food, helping to improve mental well-being or providing opportunities for young people.

On top of that, for the first time this year, causes that work to protect local biodiversity or fight climate change can also apply.

Rebecca Birkbeck, Community and Memberships Director at the Co-op, said: “Since launching the Local Community Fund, we have raised an incredible £85 million for local causes, as a direct result of the support of our members.

“Additionally, by applying to the Local Community Fund, groups will join our online community hub, The Co-operate, which can help them find additional resources, as well as other donations, making it not just a fund, but a partnership.

“Even if a funding request is not accepted, the group will still be part of a network of more than 12,000 groups on Co-operate.

“And for the first time, I’m so pleased to announce that we’ve extended the criteria to include causes that are particularly dedicated to tackling biodiversity and reducing carbon, from local community gardens to renewable energy projects. on a small scale.”

Groups looking to carry out projects in any of the above areas are encouraged to apply online for the fund, which, with the help of co-op members, has raised over £85 million for almost 30,000 projects since its launch in 2016.

When Co-op members purchase selected Co-op products and services, 2 pence for every £1 spent is donated to support the national community organization.

Causes who want more information about applying for the next round of the Co-op’s Local Community Fund should visit, with applications closing on May 29.