Global versus Local Marketing and PR for Luxury Brands – Chief Marketer

By Muriel Penoty

When a company is about to launch a new luxury product or service or when launching a new business, you will need a well-executed marketing plan. This marketing plan should include a strong public relations strategy, separated into two distinct campaigns: local and global reach.

The key to a well-executed marketing plan is to establish your brand as a leader in its industry. A clearly defined public relations strategy is an effective way to achieve this. A good public relations campaign can help you reach your target audience and communicate your core values ​​and goals clearly and effectively.

When planning a public relations campaign, it is important that you have a well-defined strategy with clearly established objectives and that you identify how you will achieve them.

Your public relations campaign is dedicated to communication on a specific topic, such as a product launch, informing the public about specific company news, an event or improving awareness of your brand. A global and local marketing strategy will help you achieve your goals.

Global marketing versus local marketing: how do the two strategies differ?

Unless your target is only local, which is increasingly rare, your local PR strategy will be a mainstay of your global PR campaign.

An event is a local event; nevertheless, the organizers almost always hope to attract a large audience. Therefore, it is crucial to implement comprehensive strategic planning, including a separate local PR campaign.

Here are some local PR strategies you should consider when preparing your global PR campaign.

Public relations strategies: press conferences

The launch can be done, for example, via a press conference, where you will invite local news and the specialized press. The strategy will be for the promoter to be in close contact with journalists. Staying in close contact with the media is a vital public relations strategy; not only do you have their full attention during the press conference, but you can interact with them and get to know them better. Additionally, you want to make sure to generate media interest by making the press conference the basis of a unique story. Be sure to discuss story angles and facilitate the angle individual reporters choose by providing additional quotes, access to key spokespersons, and images if needed.

Part of your overall PR strategy will take place pre-launch, and part on launch day or after your product goes to market. You will need to ensure that you are easily accessible at all times to answer any questions journalists may have.

Public relations strategies: press and influencer trips

Some luxury products can be shipped so influencers can experience them, but many luxury products cannot. For example, you cannot send a rental property or a yacht to a journalist or influencer to try out. Before starting an international press or influencer trip, first see how local media and influencers can help you. Remember to invite broadcast journalists, including local TV and radio stations, as this is happening in their area and they are likely to report.

After your press conference, help them understand and experience your product or service to ensure favorable media coverage.

You can then scale this up on a larger scale by inviting international journalists and influencers to where you want them to test drive your product or service.

Public relations strategies: press releases

Planning your overall public relations strategy should include sending out a press release.

Make sure your local and global lists are separate and tailor your messaging accordingly. For example, just as you wouldn’t send the same eye-catcher to a luxury lifestyle publication as you would to a financial publication, you’ll need to have a different news angle for the local press.

Also be sure to communicate with the media in different countries. Translate your press release if needed and make sure your emails don’t land in their inbox in the middle of the night.

The advantage with local press is that it’s easy to pick up the phone after a few days to follow up and make sure they’ve received your press release and see how they can fit it into their press release schedule. news. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from sending out a nice reminder to the global media a few days later to make sure they’ve received your press release and see if it matches their editorial calendar.

So while the goal is often to reach an international audience and produce a global PR strategy, it’s essential not to neglect planning a local PR campaign. A local PR campaign will help expand coverage and increase local brand awareness.

How to apply this marketing strategy to ultra-luxury brands

Taking the right approach to a PR campaign for luxury brands is vital. The PR campaign should be dedicated to hand-picked journalists covering your target industries, and you should pay special attention to ensuring that your client’s product or service is showcased in the best way possible.

Ultra-luxury brands should ensure that all press conferences are held in a luxury venue that reflects their brand’s high-end vibe, such as a high-end hotel or restaurant. Be sure to go the extra mile and include drinks, breakfast or lunch, and include freebies such as a USB stick with all the media visuals, a novelty notepad and pen, and samples of your product if possible. Make sure parking at the press conference is readily available. For example, provide paid parking tickets or even valet parking to ensure you impress journalists before they even enter the press conference. However, the ultimate and most personalized PR strategy to include in your marketing plan for your ultra-luxury clients is a press trip.

Promoting a luxury product to the media or an influencer can be as simple as sending them a sample of that product. Influencers can produce amazing content for their audience. For example, they could highlight the smell of a perfume, the design features of a watch or an item of clothing, or even a night in a hotel room.

But what do you do when your client has an ultra-luxury product such as a yacht or a private jet? As a result, the experience of the journalist or influencer must be at the same level as if he chartered the yacht or the jet. A few years ago, a private jet company trusted us to invite European journalists to live the same luxury experience as their clients. They not only wanted writers to travel on one of their jets, but to be picked up at their doorstep by a driver and then taken to the jet where customs clearance was done without any waits. But the experience didn’t stop there. Journalists were invited to stay in Monaco for several days for a fully immersive upscale experience, including dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, visiting the Monaco Yacht Show, enjoying a private tour of the Casino de Monte-Carlo as well as receive one of Monaco’s sumptuous spas.

The journalists had been selected to have a broad reach and included financial, business, luxury travel and luxury lifestyle reporters. A total of 12 journalists were invited from four different countries. Two employees from our client’s firm were available at all times to answer his questions, but also to get to know him better. Plus, two of our PR specialists were there around the clock to ensure a seamless experience. The objective was, of course, for them to write about their experience with the private jet company, but also to go further and highlight what it is to be a private jet user and why this private jet company is a must for UHNWIs. . Media coverage was abundant and personalized as each reporter shared their experiences and how they felt about being treated as a UHNWI.

Sure, the investment was significant, but it provided the coverage the client was looking for and raised their profile in a way that expensive, more traditional advertising couldn’t.

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