Get COVID-19 Updates on Your Local Community

Reaching out to people at the local level is essential when they are faced with challenges such as public health crises. As part of our ongoing efforts to connect people to authoritative information on COVID-19 and vaccines, we recently launched COVID-19 announcements. The new tool helps U.S. states and local public health departments share urgent updates on COVID-19 in local communities.

“Aurora is a large and diverse community, and promoting the safety and availability of COVID vaccines has been crucial to the healing and recovery of our community. Our staff used Facebook’s COVID announcement tool to reach residents more broadly and overcome common communication barriers, which certainly results in more people getting vaccinated and more safety for our city as a whole. . – Mayor Mike Coffman, Aurora, Colorado

When authorities mark posts as COVID-19 announcements, we expand their reach so more people can see them. We also send notifications about these posts to members of the local community and make the information visible in the COVID-19 Information Center.

“With support from Facebook to help us promote COVID-19 information on social media, Alabama residents have been kept informed of updated health guidelines regarding mask wear, social distancing, washing hands and vaccine distribution. We have seen the impact this support has had in reaching our community at this critical time. – Alabama Department of Public Health

Since the launch of this feature in the United States in May, we have sent over 183 million notifications urging people to COVID-19 announcements from their state and local governments.

“Since the very onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Linn County Public Health has been committed and dedicated to providing ongoing updates on the disease – and more recently on vaccines – based on science and current data to our neighbors. Facebook’s COVID-19 announcements tool has helped keep our community informed of important information. The most recent use of the announcement tool allowed us to reach almost 18,000 people and approximately 2,000 people engaged in the publication. – Linn County Public Health Department

Access to timely local information is essential in our fight against COVID-19. That’s why we created the COVID-19 announcements tool to help public officials meet their communities where they already are – on Facebook. And we’re happy to see it’s helping people stay informed and supporting health officials and government officials in their work to immunize billions of people against COVID-19.