Enterprise Center launches digital platform to decompress and demystify local government

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly on Wednesday hailed a new initiative by The Enterprise Center to form a named platform Chattamattersaimed at helping residents discover the city’s biggest challenges and solutions.

Chattamatters is a locally-focused civic education project, designed by The Enterprise Center to deepen residents’ understanding of local issues, with the goal of increasing civic engagement. The Chattamatters project will combine storytelling and digital engagement to increase transparency through the use of dynamic and educational content.

“To be effective in today’s fragmented media landscape, local leaders need to think differently about how we communicate, with a consistent focus on explanatory governance,” Kelly said. “Chatmatters is an opportunity to engage with residents on a deeper level and better connect our community to services provided by local government.”

From the rising cost of housing to the challenges of training our local workers, Chattamatters will explore and explain complicated issues, while offering practical help ranging from the simple – how to get on the bus – to the complex, like how to participate effectively in a meeting. public. The videos will feature animated graphics and compelling storytelling on key city issues, with a focus on creating useful, eye-catching, non-ideological and hyper-local content.

“People consume media in such a wide range of ways, and we at The Enterprise Center saw an opportunity to help individuals and communities reshape the assumptions and habits that form around communication to telling the stories of Chattanooga in a way that paves the way for deeper engagement,” said Deb Socia, President and CEO of The Enterprise Center. “Through this partnership with the city, we will be able to make this hyper-local content available across all digital platforms, as well as make it available to our local news media friends, as we work to build a more community engaged. community.”

The project starts today. For more information, visit chattamatters.com to sign up for updates and connect via social media.