DVIDS – News – DEOMI’s creative talent recognized by the local community

PATRICK SPACE FORCE BASE, Fla. – Archie Delapaz and Randall Allen, Videographers in the Multimedia and Technology Development Department of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), not only provide top-notch DEOMI products, but they also hone their technical and artistic skills by creating short films for submission to the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (MIFF), held annually in Melbourne, Florida.

MIFF is an annual festival where international and local storytellers can submit their work for consideration. Last December, the festival featured a directors’ panel where artists discussed their techniques and gave advice to new filmmakers, a red carpet event and an awards night.

Delapaz, a longtime MIFF participant, has been with DEOMI for over five years. During this period, he wrote, produced and directed many videos and created many original animations and illustrations for DEOMI.

Allen, who joined DEOMI in June 2018, helps develop various military instruction and how-to videos. It also helps with writing scripts, recording live actors, creating motion graphics and editing videos with the aim of creating informative videos that DEOMI instructors can use during their in-person or virtual classes. He, too, has made many short films, but has never participated in the MIFF.

In early 2021, Allen said Delapaz encouraged him to submit a film to MIFF. Soon after, the two were working individually and collaboratively and were able to create three short films before the July 4 submission deadline. Each of their submissions earned a “best-in” nomination.

“We always help each other. I am very lucky to have such a talented colleague and friend,” Allen said.

“It’s great to help a fellow filmmaker hone their skills and talent,” added Delepaz.

Delapaz submitted two short films. The first was a sci-fi film called Nick Lazer, a live-action remake of an animated film he made for a previous festival that was nominated and won Best Animation. The live-action version was nominated for Best Science Fiction. Her second submission was a monster movie titled Are You My Mother? This film was nominated for Best Comedy.

“I came in to see my films on the big screen, seen by an audience,” Delapaz said. “It meant a lot,” he added of his appointment.

Allen submitted a short film titled Snack Panic, which was nominated for Best Comedy and was the first film shown at the festival’s awards night.

“What I wanted most was to be in a room full of other filmmakers while my video was showing,” Allen said. “A live audience reaction is an experience most filmmakers dream of,” he added.

Delapaz and Allen agree that participating in outside projects, like MIFF, gives them plenty of opportunities to hone their skills — skills they can then use on DEOMI projects.

“Participation in this event involves me producing, writing and working on my films, which gives me additional experience in filmmaking. By creating my own films, I improve my skills in programming, production planning, working with actors, directing, editing and special effects. all of this I bring to the projects I do for DEOMI,” Delapaz said.

“Each new experience helps me hone my skills and techniques. Then I apply what I’ve learned to the video pieces I create for DEOMI,” Allen added.

Delapaz and Allen have already started working on their short film submissions for the upcoming festival.

Date taken: 27.01.2022
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