Dr Candice Matthews announces local community involvement and new advocacy movements

HOUSTON, Texas /ACCESSWIRE/April 14, 2022/ Dr. Candice Matthews is CEO and Executive Director of Children of Diversity Foster Adoption Agency. She is an active member of the local community and constantly pushes for those who might be overlooked or underrepresented. She has spent an enormous amount of time fighting for those who have been historically marginalized, and she is also involved in a number of other major movements.

A passionate member of the Texas Coalition Of Black Democrats

Over the years, Dr. Candice Matthews has passionately lobbied for social justice reform. She has experienced first-hand the discrimination that still exists in this country, and that is why she supports political leaders who stand up for those who have been discriminated against. As leader of the Texas Coalition Of Black Democrats, she works with local lawmakers to craft policies that promote equality and fairness. She also spends a lot of time talking to people in the local community, learning about issues that have had a significant impact on them. Then she takes their voices, amplifies them in local government and tries to push for legislation that will support the human rights the government claims to protect. She is currently Vice President and Chair of Statewide Accountability, where she evaluates selected officials and approves suitable candidates.

An active leader in the Rainbow Push Coalition

Because of her leadership, she was chosen by the founder of the Rainbow Push coalition to lead the Texas Statewide Steering Committee. Dr. Candice Matthews is responsible for overseeing the advisory body which promotes projects and movements that support people who are discriminated against or marginalized. Recently, Dr. Candice Matthews got huge support from the Rainbow Push Coalition to get a local Smoothie King to take action. against an employee who left a racist remark on the customer’s receipt. Although Dr. Matthews was disappointed that Smoothie King didn’t act sooner, it’s a perfect demonstration of how she and the Rainbow Push Coalition stand up for those in need. She works with many experts and authority figures to ensure Rainbow Push Coalition resources are used effectively. Many of these projects have had a positive impact on the local community.

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